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mod_auth_radius-1.6.0.tar.gz (18 Nov 2015, 20176 Bytes)
mod_auth_radius is a FreeRADIUS Apache module for RADIUS authentication.
mod_rpaf-0.8.4.tar.gz (3 Sep 2014, 6458 Bytes)
mod_rpaf is a reverse proxy add forward module for Apache backend servers.
Hint: For usage with Apache 2.4.x you may regard - like for many other "older" modules - the page API Changes in Apache HTTP Server 2.4 since 2.2 (especially the remarks to "conn_rec->remote_ip and conn_rec->remote_addr").
Hint: Newer Apache servers offer the module mod_remoteip.
mod-xslt-1.4.3.tar.gz (6 Jul 2013, 1790332 Bytes)
mod-xslt is a server side module able to transform xml documents by applying xsl stylesheets on the fly.
mod_plua_0.54-src.tar.gz (13 Jul 2012, 34881 Bytes)
mod_pLua is an Apache httpd 2.x module for running preprocessed (HTML-embedded) Lua scripts with a PHP-like syntax.
mod_fastcgi-2.4.7-0910052141.tar.gz (10 Apr 2012, 108931 Bytes)
mod_fastcgi is an Apache module providing support for the FastCGI protocol (a language independent, scalable, open extension to CGI that provides high performance and persistence). See also the Archives page.
mod_defensible-1.5.tar.gz (3 Apr 2012, 5416 Bytes)
mod_defensible is an Apache 2.x module aiming to forbid IPs listed in DNSBL servers (intended to block spammers).
mod_myvhost-0.21.tar.gz (21 Mar 2012, 21942 Bytes)
mod_myvhost mod_myvhost is an Apache module for dynamically configured name based mass virtual hosting with PHP.
mod_macro-1.2.1.tar.gz (16 Feb 2012, 16870 Bytes)
mod_macro allows the definition and use of macros within apache runtime configuration files. Info: This module will be included in the near future into Apache 2.4.
mod-jail-port-apache22-2.2.22.tar.gz (15 Feb 2012, 48810 Bytes)
mod-jail is an Apache module for FreeBSD, that makes running Apache in a secure jail prison easy. Port skeleton for Apache-2.2.x that contains both chroot and jail patch.
mod_dosblock-v1.0.tar.gz (28 Jul 2011, 7575 Bytes)
mod_dosblock is a simple Apache module to provide DOS/DDOS protection at the HTTP layer.
mod_ftp-0.9.6-beta.tar.gz (25 May 2011, 129647 Bytes)
mod_ftp is a FTP (File Transfer) Protocol module to serve httpd content over the FTP protocol. It allows you to combine Apache's powerful authentication, SSL encryption, dynamic content and filtering capabilities with the venerable FTP protocol. Beta version.
mod_spnego-0.2.0.tar.gz (8 May 2011, 24863 Bytes)
mod_spnego is an Apache module that supports authentication via the RFC 2478 SPNEGO GSS-API mechanism.
mod_jail-0.5.2.tar.gz (2 Apr 2011, 12053 Bytes)
mod_jail is an Apache module that supports 1.3.x and 2.x branches. It is similar to mod_chroot, but uses FreeBSD's specific system call "jail", which is more secure than chroot. Thus, it is intended to run on FreeBSD only.
mod_proxy_content-1.0.tar.gz (4 Feb 2011, 27057 Bytes)
mod_proxy_content is an Apache 2.x module that is essential for reverse proxying modern web content. It is a fork of mod_proxy_html enhanced to better handle CSS and Javascript content without the need to create messy regular expressions in the Apache configuration files.
mod_authz_ldap-0.30.tar.gz (21 Oct 2010, 381657 Bytes)
mod_authz_ldap is a LDAP authorization module for Apache HTTPD 2.2.x.
mod_psldap-0.94.tar.gz (16 May 2010, 409865 Bytes)
mod_psldap performs authentication of Apache users against an LDAP server and also provides users with the ability to maintain their accounts through a web based LDAP browser.
mod_spin-1.2.0.tar.gz (30 Dec 2009, 828639 Bytes)
mod_spin is an Apache 2.2+ module that features a simple template language, access to C Application Programming Interface (API) via Apache Portable Runtime (APR), database connection pooling and persistent session/application data tracking.
mod_proxy_html.tar.gz (30 Oct 2009, 25694 Bytes)
mod_proxy_html is an output filter to rewrite HTML links in a (reverse= proxy situation, to ensure that links work for users outside the proxy. It serves the same purpose as Apache's ProxyPassReverse directive does for HTTP headers. Hint: Since end of Oct 2011 relicensed and donated to Apache.
mod_perl-1.31.tar.gz (13 May 2009, 389960 Bytes)
mod_perl is an Apache/Perl module that embeds a perl interpreter in the 1.3.x branch of the Apache HTTPD Server.
mod_clamav-0.23.tar.gz (11 Apr 2009, 344930 Bytes)
mod_clamav is an Apache 2 filter which scans the content delivered by the proxy module (mod_proxy) for viruses using the Clamav virus scanning engine.
mod_auth_kerb-5.4.tar.gz (4 Dec 2008, 93033 Bytes)
mod_auth_kerb is a Kerberos authentication module fot the Apache HTTPD server.
mod_ruby-1.3.0.tar.gz (8 Nov 2008, 114246 Bytes)
mod_ruby embeds the Ruby interpreter into the Apache web server, allowing Ruby CGI scripts to be executed natively (Apache 1.3.3 or later, Apache 2.0 with some restrictions).
mod-spamhaus-0.7.tar.gz (3 Nov 2008, 17375 Bytes)
mod_spamhaus is an Apache module that use DNSBL in order to block spam relay via web forms, preventing URL injection, block http DDoS attacks from bots and generally protecting your web service denying access to a known bad IP address.
mod_ssl-2.8.31-1.3.41.tar.gz (8 Feb 2008, 820067 Bytes)
mod_ssl is an Apache module provides strong cryptography for webserver via the SSL and TLS protocols. Hint: Only for old Apache 1.3 required.
mod_layout-5.1.tar.gz (7 Jan 2008, 12798 Bytes)
mod_layout is an Apache module that provides both a Footer and Header directive to automagically include output from other URIs at the beginning and ending of a Web page (for Apache 2.2).
mod_random-2.1.tar.gz (24 Dec 2007, 7756 Bytes)
mod_random redirects to random URLs, displays random page.
mod_httpbl.tar.gz (28 Aug 2007, 82191 Bytes)
mod_httpbl is an Apache module for leveraging the Project Honey pot http:BL services and enables web admins to block comment spammers, harvesters, and other malicious IPs.
mod_log_sql-1.101.tar.bz2 (15 Nov 2006, 127500 Bytes)
mod_log_sql is an Apache module that enables access logging to a (My)SQL database.
mod-cband- (14 Nov 2006, 70713 Bytes)
Limiting users' and virtual hosts' bandwidth usage (Apache2 module).
mod-ifier-0.8.tar.gz (28 Aug 2006, 19675 Bytes)
An Apache 2 module which allows you to filter and reject incoming connections based upon a flexible set of criteria
mod_auth_dce-3.4.tar.gz (10 Aug 2006, 22819 Bytes)
Apache module for DCE based authentication
mm_mod_auth_ldap3.11.tar.gz (30 May 2006, 700572 Bytes)
mod_auth_ldap is a LDAP authentication module for Apache 2.x (with backport to 1.3.x). Hint: Apache 2.x has a ldap module so the prefix "mm_".
mod_suid-2.1.tar.gz (29 May 2006, 37243 Bytes)
Apache 1.3.x Module that allows scipts in or outside vhosts running under their own UID/GID.
Apache2-AuthenMSAD-0.02.tar.gz (10 Apr 2006, 3351 Bytes)
Apache2-AuthenMSAD - Microsoft Active Directory authentication for Apache2.
auth_ldap-1.6.1.tar.gz (9 Jan 2006, 82718 Bytes)
auth_ldap is an authentication module for Apache that allows you to authenticate HTTP clients using user entries in an LDAP directory.
mod_plsql.0.3.15.tar.gz (9 Jan 2006, 58499 Bytes)
Apache module that allows you to create Web Applications using Oracle stored procedures
mod_access_rbl2-1.1.tar.gz (28 Dec 2005, 7230 Bytes)
an Apache 1.3.x module that supports denying or allowing access to pages on a site by way of DNSbl queries.
mod_evasive_1.10.1.tar.gz (8 Oct 2005, 20454 Bytes)
mod_evasive is an Apache module to provide evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS or DDoS attack or brute force attack.
mod_mp3-1.2.tar.gz (28 Jun 2005, 410226 Bytes)
turns the Apache Web server into an MP3 or Ogg streaming server
mod_sar-1.1.tar.gz (21 Jun 2005, 11935 Bytes)
Apache2 module which works as output filter. It's purpose is to search and replace strings found in web content before it's sending to the client.
mod_chroot-0.5.tar.gz (12 Jun 2005, 15044 Bytes)
mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy.
modgssapache-0.0.5.tar.gz (9 May 2005, 33216 Bytes)
An Apache module that implements kerberos5 authentication
Apache-AuthenNTLM-2.10.tar.gz (7 Feb 2005, 96355 Bytes)
Apache-AuthenNTLM is an Apache perl module for user authentication via Microsofts NTLM protocol.
mod_extract_forwarded2-0.1.tar.gz (9 Nov 2003, 9412 Bytes)
An Apache module to transparently modify a connection so that it looks like it came from the IP behind a proxy server rather than the proxy itself
modauthldap_apache2.tar.gz (27 Oct 2003, 155812 Bytes)
LDAP Authentication module for Apache 2.x LDAP Authentication module for Apache 2.x.
mod_backhand-1.2.2.tar.gz (28 May 2003, 261790 Bytes)
A load balancing module for Apache
mod_auth_radius-1.5.7.tar.gz (27 Mar 2003, 31940 Bytes)
mod_auth_radius is a FreeRADIUS Apache module for RADIUS authentication.
mod_ntlm2-0.1.tgz (25 Feb 2003, 41247 Bytes)
A NTLM authentication module for Apache/Unix (NTLM is an authentication protocol used by Microsoft Internet Informations Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer) - branch of mod_ntlm to support Apache 2
mod_ntlm-0.4.tar.gz (21 Feb 2003, 40968 Bytes)
A NTLM authentication module for Apache/Unix (NTLM is an authentication protocol used by Microsoft Internet Informations Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer)
mod_auth_ldap-0.5.1.tar.gz (14 Jan 2003, 19720 Bytes)
Apache module for LDAP based authentication (Apache 1.3.x)
mod_gzip- (1 Oct 2002, 137394 Bytes)
An Apache compression/acceleration module
Apache-ImageMagick-2.0b7.tar.gz (20 Sep 2002, 25457 Bytes)
Apache-ImageMagick converts and manipulates images on the fly (uses the Image::Magick library).
mod_accounting-0.5.tar.gz (10 Sep 2002, 9728 Bytes)
A simple Apache module that can record traffic statistics (bytes received/sent per request) into a database
mod_auth_pam-2.0-1.1.1.tar.gz (6 Sep 2002, 11456 Bytes)
Apache authentication module
mod_auth_pam-1.1.1.tar.gz (8 Aug 2002, 9575 Bytes)
Apache authentication module
mod_dns-1.3.tar.gz (26 Jun 2002, 10097 Bytes)
mod_dns is an Apache caching DNS lookup module allowing busy servers to resolve hostnames in realtime.
mod_pointer-0.8.tar.gz (19 Jun 2002, 12394 Bytes)
An Apache module for making domain redirects easy
mod_trigger-1.1.tar.gz (7 Jun 2002, 7386 Bytes)
Gives you hooks into each Apache request to launch triggers if certain events/actions occur
mod_roaming-2.0.0.tar.gz (5 May 2002, 9227 Bytes)
Use an Apache webserver as a Netscape Roaming Access server.
mod_sqlinclude-1.4.tgz (14 Feb 2002, 10275 Bytes)
Includes data from a MySQL database into an Apache configuration file
mod_auth_useragent-1.0.tar.gz (16 Jan 2002, 5243 Bytes)
Apache module to forbid clients based on their User-Agent
mod_dav-1.0.3-1.3.6.tar.gz (5 Nov 2001, 185284 Bytes)
Apache module for DAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
mod_auth_mysql-3.2.tar.gz (10 Sep 2001, 11940 Bytes)
Apache authentication module for MySQL database
mod_throttle312.tgz (29 Mar 2001, 41397 Bytes)
An Apache module to reduce server load and save bandwidth by delaying or refusing requests according to supported polices. It also can track and throttle incoming connections by IP address or by authenticated remote user.
mod_frontpage-1.5.1-1.3.17.tar.gz (21 Feb 2001, 33957 Bytes)
Apache module - replaces the Apache-FP patches and module supplied with the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions available from Microsoft and Ready-to-Run Software.
mod_auth_smb-0.3.tar.gz (22 Jan 2001, 47193 Bytes)
Apache authentication module for SMB (PDC/BDC)
mod_relocate-1.0.tar.gz (18 Jul 2000, 5587 Bytes)
An Apache module for logging click-through trails
mod_cgi_debug-0.7.tar.gz (13 Apr 2000, 8023 Bytes)
Apache module that should help debugging of CGI's
mod_repository-0.3.tar.gz (14 Mar 2000, 8281 Bytes)
Turns Apache into a content storage system
mod_frontpage-VR4.tar.gz (20 Aug 1999, 14620 Bytes)
Apache module - replaces the Apache-FP patches and module supplied with the Frontpage Server Extensions available from Microsoft and RtR.

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