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About: mod_setenvifplus is a module that allows to set environment variables according to whether different aspects of the request match regular expressions you specify.

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Original URL: https://sourceforge.net/projects/modsetenvifplus/files/mod_setenvifplus-0.40-src.tar.gz
Home page: http://modsetenvifplus.sourceforge.net/
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   MD5 (mod_setenvifplus-0.40-src.tar.gz): 1c67aff2a526b1bd8763bfe347ae4943
  SHA1 (mod_setenvifplus-0.40-src.tar.gz): 1ca39377507e3e05008e8a55e6f4f19c26ccb2e8
SHA256 (mod_setenvifplus-0.40-src.tar.gz): 13cdc9767c085060228dadbc3977c8b020de58a2d5e232fa38a611081903986b

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