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Release Notes/Change History

Release 1.7 (TBA)

mod_asn now supports AS lookups of IPv6 addresses. This requires a current version of the contrib ip4r PostgreSQL data type (which despite its name now supports IPv6), and a slightly changed database scheme - it is probably simplest if you drop the pfx2asn database table and recreate it.

Release 1.6 (r100, Jan 7, 2014)

This release adjusts for the API changes in Apache 2.4. Thanks Cristian Rodriguez for the help. (issue 128, issue 129)

This release also fixes a bug in the asn_get_routeviews script: It could fail when the BGP routing data snapshot contains bogus AS numbers. (issue 93) Patch courtesy of agy.

asn_get_routeviews now allows to only download routing data, but don't process it, by using the switch --download-only. In addition, --no-download can be used if the data is distributed by other means, e.g. with distro updates. Thanks Dagobert Michelsen for the suggestion! (issue 127)

This release also adds documentation.

Release 1.5 (r88, Sep 5, 2010)

This release fixes one important bug, and improves documentation.

Release 1.4 (r79, Mar 27, 2010)

This release does not bring about significant user-visible changes, but under the hood, some optimizations were done.

Release 1.3 (r70, Jul 30, 2009)

Release 1.2 (Jul 28, 2009)

Release 1.1 (Jul 4, 2009)

Release 1.0 (Mar 31, 2009)

Older changes

Please refer to the subversion changelog: http://svn.mirrorbrain.org/svn/mod_asn/trunk respectively http://svn.mirrorbrain.org/viewvc/mod_asn/trunk/