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    1 <a href='https://github.com/angular/angular.js/edit/v1.8.x/docs/content/error/index.ngdoc?message=docs(error%2FError Reference)%3A%20describe%20your%20change...' class='improve-docs btn btn-primary'><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-edit">&nbsp;</i>Improve this Doc</a>
    4 <h1 id="error-reference">Error Reference</h1>
    5 <p>Use the Error Reference manual to find information about error conditions in
    6 your AngularJS app. Errors thrown in production builds of AngularJS will log
    7 links to this site on the console.</p>
    8 <p>Other useful references for debugging your app include:</p>
    9 <ul>
   10 <li><a href="api/">API Reference</a> for detailed information about specific features</li>
   11 <li><a href="guide/">Developer Guide</a> for AngularJS concepts</li>
   12 <li><a href="tutorial/">Tutorial</a> for getting started</li>
   13 </ul>