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Member "angular-1.8.2/docs/Error404.html" (21 Oct 2020, 383 Bytes) of package /linux/www/angular-1.8.2.zip:

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    1 <h1>Oops!</h1>
    3 <p>The page you requested does not exist. Perhaps you were looking for something else...</p>
    5 <div ng-controller="Error404SearchCtrl">
    7   <dl ng-repeat="(key, value) in results" ng-show="value.length" style="float: left; margin-right:20px">
    8     <dt>{{ key }}</dt>
    9     <dd ng-repeat="item in value"><a ng-href="{{ item.path }}">{{ item.name }}</a></dd>
   10   </dl>
   11 </div>