Class PHPCrawlerProcessReport


Contains summarizing information about a crawling-process after the process is finished.

Located in /libs/PHPCrawler/PHPCrawlerProcessReport.class.php (line 7)

Variable Summary
Method Summary
array toArray ()
int $abort_reason (line 77)

Reason for the abortion of the crawling-process

int $bytes_received = 0 (line 28)

The total number of bytes the crawler received alltogether.

  • access: public
float $data_throughput = 0 (line 42)

The average data-throughput in bytes per second.

  • access: public
int $files_received = 0 (line 21)

The total number of documents the crawler received.

  • access: public
bool $file_limit_reached = false (line 56)

Will be TRUE if the page/file-limit was reached.

  • access: public
int $links_followed = 0 (line 14)

The total number of links/URLs the crawler found and followed.

  • access: public
int $memory_peak_usage (line 70)

The peak memory-usage the crawling-process caused.

  • var: Memory-usage in bytes. May be NULL if PHP-version is lower than 5.2.0.
  • access: public
float $process_runtime = 0 (line 35)

The total time the crawling-process was running in seconds.

  • var: Proess-runtime in seconds.
  • access: public
bool $traffic_limit_reached = false (line 49)

Will be TRUE if the crawling-process stopped becaus the traffic-limit was reached.

  • access: public
bool $user_abort = false (line 63)

Will be TRUE if the crawling-process stopped because the overridable function handleDocumentInfo() returned a negative value.

  • access: public
toArray (line 85)

Returns an array with all properties of this class.

  • access: public
array toArray ()

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