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    1 <h2>Configuration Settings</h2>
    2 <p>
    3 We could not locate OWA's <code>owa-config.php</code> configuration file. You can use the form below to create the file but this may not work on all hosts. If file generation fails, you can  create the config file manually by renaming <code>owa-config-dist.php</code> to <code>owa-config.php</code> and filling in your database information and public URL.
    4 </p>
    5 <div id="configSettings">
    6     <form method="POST">
    8         <h3>Public URL</h3>
    9         <p class="form-row">
   10             <span class="form-label">Public URL:</span>
   11             <span class="form-field">
   12                 <input type="text"size="50" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>public_url" value="<?php echo $public_url;?>">
   13             </span>
   14             <span class="form-instructions">This is the web URL of OWA's base directory.</span>
   15         </p>
   17         <h3>Database</h3>
   18         <p class="form-row">
   19             <span class="form-label">Database Type:</span>
   20             <span class="form-field">
   21                 <select name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_type">
   22                     <?php foreach ( $this->config['db_supported_types'] as $db_type => $db_label ): ?>
   23                     <option value="<?php $this->out( $db_type );?>"><?php $this->out( $db_label );?></option>
   24                     <?php endforeach;?>
   25                 </select>
   26             </span>
   27             <span class="form-instructions">This is the type of database you are going to use.</span>
   28         </p>
   30         <p class="form-row">
   31             <span class="form-label">Database Host:</span>
   32             <span class="form-field">
   33                 <input type="text"size="30" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_host" value="<?php echo $config['db_host'];?>">
   34             </span>
   35             <span class="form-instructions">This is the host that your database resides on. Localhost is ok.</span>
   36         </p>
   38         <p class="form-row">
   39             <span class="form-label">Database Port:</span>
   40             <span class="form-field">
   41                 <input type="text"size="30" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_port" value="<?php echo ($config['db_port'] ? $config['db_port'] : 3306);?>">
   42             </span>
   43             <span class="form-instructions">(optional) The port of your database. Will default to port 3306 if you leave this empty.</span>
   44         </p>
   46         <p class="form-row">
   47             <span class="form-label">Database Name:</span>
   48             <span class="form-field">
   49                 <input type="text"size="30" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_name" value="<?php echo $config['db_name'];?>">
   50             </span>
   51             <span class="form-instructions">This is the name of the database to install tables into.</span>
   52         </p>
   54         <p class="form-row">
   55             <span class="form-label">Database User:</span>
   56             <span class="form-field">
   57                 <input type="text"size="30" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_user" value="<?php echo $config['db_user'];?>">
   58             </span>
   59             <span class="form-instructions">This is the user name to connect to the database.</span>
   60         </p>
   62         <p class="form-row">
   63             <span class="form-label">Database Password:</span>
   64             <span class="form-field">
   65                 <input type="password"size="30" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>db_password" value="<?php echo $config['db_password'];?>">
   66             </span>
   67             <span class="form-instructions">This is the password to connect to the database.</span>
   68         </p>
   69         <p>
   70             <?php echo $this->createNonceFormField('base.installConfig');?>
   71             <input type="hidden" value="base.installConfig" name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>action">
   72             <input class="owa-button"type="submit" value="Continue..." name="<?php echo $this->getNs();?>save_button">
   73         <p>
   75     </form>
   77 </div>