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    1 # Jackson JSON processor
    3 Jackson is a high-performance, Free/Open Source JSON processing library.
    4 It was originally written by Tatu Saloranta (tatu.saloranta@iki.fi), and has
    5 been in development since 2007.
    6 It is currently developed by a community of developers, as well as supported
    7 commercially by FasterXML.com.
    9 ## Licensing
   11 Jackson core and extension components may licensed under different licenses.
   12 To find the details that apply to this artifact see the accompanying LICENSE file.
   13 For more information, including possible other licensing options, contact
   14 FasterXML.com (http://fasterxml.com).
   16 ## Credits
   18 A list of contributors may be found from CREDITS file, which is included
   19 in some artifacts (usually source distributions); but is always available
   20 from the source code management (SCM) system project uses.