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    1 Lombok contributors in alphabetical order:
    3 Adam Juraszek <juriad@gmail.com>
    4 Bulgakov Alexander <buls@yandex.ru>
    5 Christian Nüssgens <christian@nuessgens.com>
    6 Christian Sterzl <christian.sterzl@gmail.com>
    7 DaveLaw <project.lombok@apconsult.de>
    8 Dave Brosius <dbrosius@mebigfatguy.com>
    9 Dawid Rusin <dawidrusin90@gmail.com>
   10 Emil Lundberg <emil@yubico.com>
   11 Enrique da Costa Cambio <enrique.dacostacambio@gmail.com>
   12 Jacob Middag <jacob@gaddim.nl>
   13 Jan Matèrne <jhm@apache.org>
   14 Jan Rieke <it@janrieke.de>
   15 Jappe van der Hel <jappe.vanderhel@gmail.com>
   16 Kevin Chirls <kchirls@users.noreply.github.com>
   17 Liu DongMiao <liudongmiao@gmail.com>
   18 Luan Nico <luannico27@gmail.com>
   19 Maarten Mulders <mthmulders@users.noreply.github.com>
   20 Mark Haynes <markhaynes.work@gmail.com>
   21 Mart Hagenaars <marthagenaars@gmail.com>
   22 Mateusz Matela <mateusz.matela@gmail.com>
   23 Michiel Verheul <cheelio@gmail.com>
   24 Pascal Bihler <pascal@qfs.de>
   25 Peter Grant <petercgrant@users.noreply.github.com>
   26 Philipp Eichhorn <peichhor@web.de>
   27 Philippe Charles <philippe.charles@nbb.be>
   28 Rabea Gransberger <rgra@users.noreply.github.com>
   29 Reinier Zwitserloot <reinier@zwitserloot.com>
   30 Robbert Jan Grootjans <grootjans@gmail.com>
   31 Robert Wertman <robert.wertman@gmail.com>
   32 Roel Spilker <r.spilker@gmail.com>
   33 Roland Praml <pram@gmx.de>
   34 Sander Koning <askoning@gmail.com>
   35 Szymon Pacanowski <spacanowski@gmail.com>
   36 Taiki Sugawara <buzz.taiki@gmail.com>
   37 Takuya Murakami <tmurakam@tmurakam.org>
   38 Thomas Darimont <thomas.darimont@gmail.com>
   39 Till Brychcy <till.brychcy@mercateo.com>
   40 Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva <victorwssilva@gmail.com>
   41 Yun Zhi Lin <yun@yunspace.com>
   43 By adding your name to this list, you grant full and irrevocable copyright and patent indemnity to Project Lombok and all use of Project Lombok, and you certify that you have the right to do so for all commits you add to Project Lombok.