There are many types of decorations: a border, frame, a raised 3D bevel, or a sunken 3D bevel. A border surrounds the image as a solid color, where frames have a 3D effect. A raised or sunken bevel is obtained by lightening or darkening the image edges to create a 3-D effect.

There are two ways to effect the appearance of a decoration: geometry and color. The decoration geometry looks like this:

  <width>x<height+<outer bevel width>+<inner bevel width>

The inner and outer bevel is optional and is only useful for a decoration of type frame. Here is an example:


The color is specified by a color name (e.g. red, white, or blue) or by a hex value (e.g. #bfc0d1). However, this option only applies to the border or frame options.