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    1 Version 4.5.12 (2020-07-03)
    2   Fixed so links with xlink:href attributes are filtered correctly to prevent XSS. #TINY-1626
    3   Fixed the `selection.setContent()` API not running parser filters #TINY-4002
    4   Fixed the `visualchars` plugin converting HTML-like text to DOM elements in certain cases #TINY-4507
    5   Fixed HTML comments incorrectly being parsed in certain cases #TINY-4511
    6   Fixed a security issue related to CDATA sanitization during parsing #TINY-4669
    7   Fixed content in an iframe element parsing as dom elements instead of text content #TINY-5943
    8 Version 4.5.11 (2019-05-16)
    9   Fixed bug where the editor would scroll to the top of the editable area if a dialog was closed in inline mode. #TINY-1073
   10 Version 4.5.10 (2018-10-19)
   11   Changed the contextual toolbar shortcut to Ctrl+F9 since an Edge shortcut interfered with the previous one.
   12 Version 4.5.9 (2018-08-02)
   13   Fixed a bug where Edge 17 wouldn't be able to select images or tables.
   14 Version 4.5.8 (2017-10-05)
   15 	Fixed bug where paste on Edge wouldn't paste UTF characters since Microsoft didn't implement the html5 clipboard api correctly.
   16 	Fixed bug where it was hard to focus the editor on IE 10 since the body element didn't have full height.
   17 	Fixed bug where malformed blob urls wouldn't be handled correctly by the editor.
   18 Version 4.5.7 (2017-04-25)
   19 	Fixed bug with selection around inline contenteditable false would get collapsed incorrectly.
   20 	Fixed bug where pasting on Microsoft Edge 40+ would produce clipboard fragment headers.
   21 Version 4.5.6 (2017-03-30)
   22 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select floated images in some cases.
   23 Version 4.5.5 (2017-03-07)
   24 	Fixed text formatting bug with fontsize could not be changed after changing the text color.
   25 Version 4.5.4 (2017-02-23)
   26 	Fixed bug where setBaseAndExtend would throw exceptions on Chrome 58 when selecting images.
   27 	Fixed bug where deleting partially selected contents could remove all contents in some edge cases on WebKit.
   28 Version 4.5.3 (2017-02-01)
   29 	Added keyboard navigation for menu buttons when the menu is in focus.
   30 	Added api to the list plugin for setting custom classes/attributes on lists.
   31 	Added validation for the anchor plugin input field according to W3C id naming specifications.
   32 	Fixed bug where media placeholders were removed after resize with the forced_root_block setting set to false.
   33 	Fixed bug where deleting selections with similar sibling nodes sometimes deleted the whole document.
   34 	Fixed bug with inlite theme where several toolbars would appear scrolling when more than one instance of the editor was in use.
   35 	Fixed bug where the editor would throw error with the fontselect plugin on hidden editor instances in Firefox.
   36 	Fixed bug where the background color would not stretch to the font size.
   37 	Fixed bug where font size would be removed when changing background color.
   38 	Fixed bug where the undomanager trimmed away whitespace between nodes on undo/redo.
   39 	Fixed bug where media_dimensions=false in media plugin caused the editor to throw an error.
   40 	Fixed bug where IE was producing font/u elements within links on paste.
   41 	Fixed bug where some button tooltips were broken when compat3x was in use.
   42 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete/typeover would remove the caption element.
   43 	Fixed bug where powerspell failed to function when compat3x was enabled.
   44 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to apply sub/sup on text with large font size.
   45 	Fixed bug where pre tags with spaces weren't treated as content.
   46 	Fixed bug where Meta+A would select the entire document instead of all contents in nested ce=true elements.
   47 Version 4.5.2 (2017-01-04)
   48 	Added missing keyboard shortcut description for the underline menu item in the format menu.
   49 	Fixed bug where external blob urls wasn't properly handled by editor upload logic. Patch contributed by David Oviedo.
   50 	Fixed bug where urls wasn't treated as a single word by the wordcount plugin.
   51 	Fixed bug where nbsp characters wasn't treated as word delimiters by the wordcount plugin.
   52 	Fixed bug where editor instance wasn't properly passed to the format preview logic. Patch contributed by NullQuery.
   53 	Fixed bug where the fake caret wasn't hidden when you moved selection to a cE=false element.
   54 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to edit existing code sample blocks.
   55 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete editor contents if the selection included an empty block.
   56 	Fixed bug where the formatter wasn't expanding words on some international characters. Patch contributed by Martin Larochelle.
   57 	Fixed bug where the open link feature wasn't working correctly on IE 11.
   58 	Fixed bug where enter before/after a cE=false block wouldn't properly padd the paragraph with an br element.
   59 	Fixed so font size and font family select boxes always displays a value by using the runtime style as a fallback.
   60 	Fixed so missing plugins will be logged to console as warnings rather than halting the initialization of the editor.
   61 	Fixed so splitbuttons become normal buttons in advlist plugin if styles are empty. Patch contributed by René Schleusner.
   62 	Fixed so you can multi insert rows/cols by selecting table cells and using insert rows/columns.
   63 Version 4.5.1 (2016-12-07)
   64 	Fixed bug where the lists plugin wouldn't initialize without the advlist plugins if served from cdn.
   65 	Fixed bug where selectors with "*" would cause the style format preview to throw an error.
   66 	Fixed bug with toggling lists off on lists with empty list items would throw an error.
   67 	Fixed bug where editing images would produce non existing blob uris.
   68 	Fixed bug where the offscreen toc selection would be treated as the real toc element.
   69 	Fixed bug where the aria level attribute for element path would have an incorrect start index.
   70 	Fixed bug where the offscreen selection of cE=false that where very wide would be shown onscreen. Patch contributed by Steven Bufton.
   71 	Fixed so the default_link_target gets applied to links created by the autolink plugin.
   72 	Fixed so that the name attribute gets removed by the anchor plugin if editing anchors.
   73 Version 4.5.0 (2016-11-23)
   74 	Added new toc plugin allows you to insert table of contents based on editor headings.
   75 	Added new auto complete menu to all url fields. Adds history, link to anchors etc.
   76 	Added new sidebar api that allows you to add custom sidebar panels and buttons to toggle these.
   77 	Added new insert menu button that allows you to have multiple insert functions under the same menu button.
   78 	Added new open link feature to ctrl+click, alt+enter and context menu.
   79 	Added new media_embed_handler option to allow the media plugin to be populated with custom embeds.
   80 	Added new support for editing transparent images using the image tools dialog.
   81 	Added new images_reuse_filename option to allow filenames of images to be retained for upload.
   82 	Added new security feature where links with target="_blank" will by default get rel="noopener noreferrer".
   83 	Added new allow_unsafe_link_target to allow you to opt-out of the target="_blank" security feature.
   84 	Added new style_formats_autohide option to automatically hide styles based on context.
   85 	Added new codesample_content_css option to specify where the code sample prism css is loaded from.
   86 	Added new support for Japanese/Chinese word count following the unicode standards on this.
   87 	Added new fragmented undo levels this dramatically reduces flicker on contents with iframes.
   88 	Added new live previews for complex elements like table or lists.
   89 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to properly tab between controls in a dialog with a disabled form item control.
   90 	Fixed bug where firefox would generate a rectangle on elements produced after/before a cE=false elements.
   91 	Fixed bug with advlist plugin not switching list element format properly in some edge cases.
   92 	Fixed bug where col/rowspans wasn't correctly computed by the table plugin in some cases.
   93 	Fixed bug where the table plugin would thrown an error if object_resizing was disabled.
   94 	Fixed bug where some invalid markup would cause issues when running in XHTML mode. Patch contributed by Charles Bourasseau.
   95 	Fixed bug where the fullscreen class wouldn't be removed properly when closing dialogs.
   96 	Fixed bug where the PastePlainTextToggle event wasn't fired by the paste plugin when the state changed.
   97 	Fixed bug where table the row type wasn't properly updated in table row dialog. Patch contributed by Matthias Balmer.
   98 	Fixed bug where select all and cut wouldn't place caret focus back to the editor in WebKit. Patch contributed by Daniel Jalkut.
   99 	Fixed bug where applying cell/row properties to multiple cells/rows would reset other unchanged properties.
  100 	Fixed bug where some elements in the schema would have redundant/incorrect children.
  101 	Fixed bug where selector and target options would cause issues if used together.
  102 	Fixed bug where drag/drop of images from desktop on chrome would thrown an error.
  103 	Fixed bug where cut on WebKit/Blink wouldn't add an undo level.
  104 	Fixed bug where IE 11 would scroll to the cE=false elements when they where selected.
  105 	Fixed bug where keys like F5 wouldn't work when a cE=false element was selected.
  106 	Fixed bug where the undo manager wouldn't stop the typing state when commands where executed.
  107 	Fixed bug where unlink on wrapped links wouldn't work properly.
  108 	Fixed bug with drag/drop of images on WebKit where the image would be deleted form the source editor.
  109 	Fixed bug where the visual characters mode would be disabled when contents was extracted from the editor.
  110 	Fixed bug where some browsers would toggle of formats applied to the caret when clicking in the editor toolbar.
  111 	Fixed bug where the custom theme function wasn't working correctly.
  112 	Fixed bug where image option for custom buttons required you to have icon specified as well.
  113 	Fixed bug where the context menu and contextual toolbars would be visible at the same time and sometimes overlapping.
  114 	Fixed bug where the noneditable plugin would double wrap elements when using the noneditable_regexp option.
  115 	Fixed bug where tables would get padding instead of margin when you used the indent button.
  116 	Fixed bug where the charmap plugin wouldn't properly insert non breaking spaces.
  117 	Fixed bug where the color previews in color input boxes wasn't properly updated.
  118 	Fixed bug where the list items of previous lists wasn't merged in the right order.
  119 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to drag/drop inline-block cE=false elements on IE 11.
  120 	Fixed bug where some table cell merges would produce incorrect rowspan/colspan.
  121 	Fixed so the font size of the editor defaults to 14px instead of 11px this can be overridden by custom css.
  122 	Fixed so wordcount is debounced to reduce cpu hogging on larger texts.
  123 	Fixed so tinymce global gets properly exported as a module when used with some module bundlers.
  124 	Fixed so it's possible to specify what css properties you want to preview on specific formats.
  125 	Fixed so anchors are contentEditable=false while within the editor.
  126 	Fixed so selected contents gets wrapped in a inline code element by the codesample plugin.
  127 	Fixed so conditional comments gets properly stripped independent of case. Patch contributed by Georgii Dolzhykov.
  128 	Fixed so some escaped css sequences gets properly handled. Patch contributed by Georgii Dolzhykov.
  129 	Fixed so notifications with the same message doesn't get displayed at the same time.
  130 	Fixed so F10 can be used as an alternative key to focus to the toolbar.
  131 	Fixed various api documentation issues and typos.
  132 	Removed layer plugin since it wasn't really ported from 3.x and there doesn't seem to be much use for it.
  133 	Removed moxieplayer.swf from the media plugin since it wasn't used by the media plugin.
  134 	Removed format state from the advlist plugin to be more consistent with common word processors.
  135 Version 4.4.3 (2016-09-01)
  136 	Fixed bug where copy would produce an exception on Chrome.
  137 	Fixed bug where deleting lists on IE 11 would merge in correct text nodes.
  138 	Fixed bug where deleting partial lists with indentation wouldn't cause proper normalization.
  139 Version 4.4.2 (2016-08-25)
  140 	Added new importcss_exclusive option to disable unique selectors per group.
  141 	Added new group specific selector_converter option to importcss plugin.
  142 	Added new codesample_languages option to apply custom languages to codesample plugin.
  143 	Added new codesample_dialog_width/codesample_dialog_height options.
  144 	Fixed bug where fullscreen button had an incorrect keyboard shortcut.
  145 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete wouldn't work correctly from a block to a cE=false element.
  146 	Fixed bug where smartpaste wasn't detecting links with special characters in them like tilde.
  147 	Fixed bug where the editor wouldn't get proper focus if you clicked on a cE=false element.
  148 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to copy/paste table rows that had merged cells.
  149 	Fixed bug where merging cells could some times produce invalid col/rowspan attibute values.
  150 	Fixed bug where getBody would sometimes thrown an exception now it just returns null if the iframe is clobbered.
  151 	Fixed bug where drag/drop of cE=false element wasn't properly constrained to viewport.
  152 	Fixed bug where contextmenu on Mac would collapse any selection to a caret.
  153 	Fixed bug where rtl mode wasn't rendered properly when loading a language pack with the rtl flag.
  154 	Fixed bug where Kamer word bounderies would be stripped from contents.
  155 	Fixed bug where lists would sometimes render two dots or numbers on the same line.
  156 	Fixed bug where the skin_url wasn't used by the inlite theme.
  157 	Fixed so data attributes are ignored when comparing formats in the formatter.
  158 	Fixed so it's possible to disable inline toolbars in the inlite theme.
  159 	Fixed so template dialog gets resized if it doesn't fit the window viewport.
  160 Version 4.4.1 (2016-07-26)
  161 	Added smart_paste option to paste plugin to allow disabling the paste behavior if needed.
  162 	Fixed bug where png urls wasn't properly detected by the smart paste logic.
  163 	Fixed bug where the element path wasn't working properly when multiple editor instances where used.
  164 	Fixed bug with creating lists out of multiple paragraphs would just create one list item instead of multiple.
  165 	Fixed bug where scroll position wasn't properly handled by the inlite theme to place the toolbar properly.
  166 	Fixed bug where multiple instances of the editor using the inlite theme didn't render the toolbar properly.
  167 	Fixed bug where the shortcut label for fullscreen mode didn't match the actual shortcut key.
  168 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select cE=false blocks using touch devices on for example iOS.
  169 	Fixed bug where it was possible to select the child image within a cE=false on IE 11.
  170 	Fixed so inserts of html containing lists doesn't merge with any existing lists unless it's a paste operation.
  171 Version 4.4.0 (2016-06-30)
  172 	Added new inlite theme this is a more lightweight inline UI.
  173 	Added smarter paste logic that auto detects urls in the clipboard and inserts images/links based on that.
  174 	Added a better image resize algorithm for better image quality in the imagetools plugin.
  175 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to drag/dropping cE=false elements on FF.
  176 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete before/after a cE=false block would produce a new paragraph.
  177 	Fixed bug where list style type css property wasn't preserved when indenting lists.
  178 	Fixed bug where merging of lists where done even if the list style type was different.
  179 	Fixed bug where the image_dataimg_filter function wasn't used when pasting images.
  180 	Fixed bug where nested editable within a non editable element would cause scroll on focus in Chrome.
  181 	Fixed so invalid targets for inline mode is blocked on initialization. We only support elements that can have children.
  182 Version 4.3.13 (2016-06-08)
  183 	Added characters with a diacritical mark to charmap plugin. Patch contributed by Dominik Schilling.
  184 	Added better error handling if the image proxy service would produce errors.
  185 	Fixed issue with pasting list items into list items would produce nested list rather than a merged list.
  186 	Fixed bug where table selection could get stuck in selection mode for inline editors.
  187 	Fixed bug where it was possible to place the caret inside the resize grid elements.
  188 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to place in elements horizontally adjacent cE=false blocks.
  189 	Fixed bug where multiple notifications wouldn't be properly placed on screen.
  190 	Fixed bug where multiple editor instance of the same id could be produces in some specific integrations.
  191 Version 4.3.12 (2016-05-10)
  192 	Fixed bug where focus calls couldn't be made inside the editors PostRender event handler.
  193 	Fixed bug where some translations wouldn't work as expected due to a bug in editor.translate.
  194 	Fixed bug where the node change event could fire with a node out side the root of the editor.
  195 	Fixed bug where Chrome wouldn't properly present the keyboard paste clipboard details when paste was clicked.
  196 	Fixed bug where merged cells in tables couldn't be selected from right to left.
  197 	Fixed bug where insert row wouldn't properly update a merged cells rowspan property.
  198 	Fixed bug where the color input boxes preview field wasn't properly set on initialization.
  199 	Fixed bug where IME composition inside table cells wouldn't work as expected on IE 11.
  200 	Fixed so all shadow dom support is under and experimental flag due to flaky browser support.
  201 Version 4.3.11 (2016-04-25)
  202 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to insert empty blocks though the API unless they where padded.
  203 	Fixed bug where you couldn't type the Euro character on Windows.
  204 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete from a cE=false element to a text block didn't work properly.
  205 	Fixed bug where the text color default grid would render incorrectly.
  206 	Fixed bug where the codesample plugin wouldn't load the css in the editor for multiple editors.
  207 	Fixed so the codesample plugin textarea gets focused by default.
  208 Version 4.3.10 (2016-04-12)
  209 	Fixed bug where the key "y" on WebKit couldn't be entered due to conflict with keycode for F10 on keypress.
  210 Version 4.3.9 (2016-04-12)
  211 	Added support for focusing the contextual toolbars using keyboard.
  212 	Added keyboard support for slider UI controls. You can no increase/decrease using arrow keys.
  213 	Added url pattern matching for Dailymotion to media plugin. Patch contributed by Bertrand Darbon.
  214 	Added body_class to template plugin preview. Patch contributed by Milen Petrinski.
  215 	Added options to better override textcolor pickers with custom colors. Patch contributed by Xavier Boubert.
  216 	Added visual arrows to inline contextual toolbars so that they point to the element being active.
  217 	Fixed so toolbars for tables or other larger elements get better positioned below the scrollable viewport.
  218 	Fixed bug where it was possible to click links inside cE=false blocks.
  219 	Fixed bug where event targets wasn't properly handled in Safari Technical Preview.
  220 	Fixed bug where drag/drop text in FF 45 would make the editor caret invisible.
  221 	Fixed bug where the remove state wasn't properly set on editor instances when detected as clobbered.
  222 	Fixed bug where offscreen selection of some cE=false elements would render onscreen. Patch contributed by Steven Bufton
  223 	Fixed bug where enter would clone styles out side the root on editors inside a span. Patch contributed by ChristophKaser.
  224 	Fixed bug where drag/drop of images into the editor didn't work correctly in FF.
  225 	Fixed so the first item in panels for the imagetools dialog gets proper keyboard focus.
  226 	Changed the Meta+Shift+F shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+F since Czech, Slovak, Polish languages used the first one for input.
  227 Version 4.3.8 (2016-03-15)
  228 	Fixed bug where inserting HR at the end of a block element would produce an extra empty block.
  229 	Fixed bug where links would be clickable when readonly mode was enabled.
  230 	Fixed bug where the formatter would normalize to the wrong node on very specific content.
  231 	Fixed bug where some nested list items couldn't be indented properly.
  232 	Fixed bug where links where clickable in the preview dialog.
  233 	Fixed so the alt attribute doesn't get padded with an empty value by default.
  234 	Fixed so nested alignment works more correctly. You will now alter the alignment to the closest block parent.
  235 Version 4.3.7 (2016-03-02)
  236 	Fixed bug where incorrect icons would be rendered for imagetools edit and color levels.
  237 	Fixed bug where navigation using arrow keys inside a SelectBox didn't move up/down.
  238 	Fixed bug where the visualblocks plugin would render borders round internal UI elements.
  239 Version 4.3.6 (2016-03-01)
  240 	Added new paste_remember_plaintext_info option to allow a global disable of the plain text mode notification.
  241 	Added new PastePlainTextToggle event that fires when plain text mode toggles on/off.
  242 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to select media elements since the drag logic would snap it to mouse cursor.
  243 	Fixed bug where it was hard to place the caret inside nested cE=true elements when the outer cE=false element was focused.
  244 	Fixed bug where editors wouldn't properly initialize if both selector and mode where used.
  245 	Fixed bug where IME input inside table cells would switch the IME off.
  246 	Fixed bug where selection inside the first table cell would cause the whole table cell to get selected.
  247 	Fixed bug where error handling of images being uploaded wouldn't properly handle faulty statuses.
  248 	Fixed bug where inserting contents before a HR would cause an exception to be thrown.
  249 	Fixed bug where copy/paste of Excel data would be inserted as an image.
  250 	Fixed caret position issues with copy/paste of inline block cE=false elements.
  251 	Fixed issues with various menu item focus bugs in Chrome. Where the focused menu bar item wasn't properly blurred.
  252 	Fixed so the notifications have a solid background since it would be hard to read if there where text under it.
  253 	Fixed so notifications gets animated similar to the ones used by dialogs.
  254 	Fixed so larger images that gets pasted is handled better.
  255 	Fixed so the window close button is more uniform on various platform and also increased it's hit area.
  256 Version 4.3.5 (2016-02-11)
  257 	Npm version bump due to package not being fully updated.
  258 Version 4.3.4 (2016-02-11)
  259 	Added new OpenWindow/CloseWindow events that gets fired when windows open/close.
  260 	Added new NewCell/NewRow events that gets fired when table cells/rows are created.
  261 	Added new Promise return value to tinymce.init makes it easier to handle initialization.
  262 	Removed the jQuery version the jQuery plugin is now moved into the main package.
  263 	Removed jscs from build process since eslint can now handle code style checking.
  264 	Fixed various bugs with drag/drop of contentEditable:false elements.
  265 	Fixed bug where deleting of very specific nested list items would result in an odd list.
  266 	Fixed bug where lists would get merged with adjacent lists outside the editable inline root.
  267 	Fixed bug where MS Edge would crash when closing a dialog then clicking a menu item.
  268 	Fixed bug where table cell selection would add undo levels.
  269 	Fixed bug where table cell selection wasn't removed when inline editor where removed.
  270 	Fixed bug where table cell selection wouldn't work properly on nested tables.
  271 	Fixed bug where table merge menu would be available when merging between thead and tbody.
  272 	Fixed bug where table row/column resize wouldn't get properly removed when the editor was removed.
  273 	Fixed bug where Chrome would scroll to the editor if there where a empty hash value in document url.
  274 	Fixed bug where the cache suffix wouldn't work correctly with the importcss plugin.
  275 	Fixed bug where selection wouldn't work properly on MS Edge on Windows Phone 10.
  276 	Fixed so adjacent pre blocks gets joined into one pre block since that seems like the user intent.
  277 	Fixed so events gets properly dispatched in shadow dom. Patch provided by Nazar Mokrynskyi.
  278 Version 4.3.3 (2016-01-14)
  279 	Added new table_resize_bars configuration setting.  This setting allows you to disable the table resize bars.
  280 	Added new beforeInitialize event to tinymce.util.XHR lets you modify XHR properties before open. Patch contributed by Brent Clintel.
  281 	Added new autolink_pattern setting to autolink plugin. Enables you to override the default autolink formats. Patch contributed by Ben Tiedt.
  282 	Added new charmap option that lets you override the default charmap of the charmap plugin.
  283 	Added new charmap_append option that lets you add new characters to the default charmap of the charmap plugin.
  284 	Added new insertCustomChar event that gets fired when a character is inserted by the charmap plugin.
  285 	Fixed bug where table cells started with a superfluous   in IE10+.
  286 	Fixed bug where table plugin would retain all BR tags when cells were merged.
  287 	Fixed bug where media plugin would strip underscores from youtube urls.
  288 	Fixed bug where IME input would fail on IE 11 if you typed within a table.
  289 	Fixed bug where double click selection of a word would remove the space before the word on insert contents.
  290 	Fixed bug where table plugin would produce exceptions when hovering tables with invalid structure.
  291 	Fixed bug where fullscreen wouldn't scroll back to it's original position when untoggled.
  292 	Fixed so the template plugins templates setting can be a function that gets a callback that can provide templates.
  293 Version 4.3.2 (2015-12-14)
  294 	Fixed bug where the resize bars for table cells were not affected by the object_resizing property.
  295 	Fixed bug where the contextual table toolbar would appear incorrectly if TinyMCE was initialized inline inside a table.
  296 	Fixed bug where resizing table cells did not fire a node change event or add an undo level.
  297 	Fixed bug where double click selection of text on IE 11 wouldn't work properly.
  298 	Fixed bug where codesample plugin would incorrectly produce br elements inside code elements.
  299 	Fixed bug where media plugin would strip dashes from youtube urls.
  300 	Fixed bug where it was possible to move the caret into the table resize bars.
  301 	Fixed bug where drag/drop into a cE=false element was possible on IE.
  302 Version 4.3.1 (2015-11-30)
  303 	Fixed so it's possible to disable the table inline toolbar by setting it to false or an empty string.
  304 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to resize some tables using the drag handles.
  305 	Fixed bug where unique id:s would clash for multiple editor instances and cE=false selections.
  306 	Fixed bug where the same plugin could be initialized multiple times.
  307 	Fixed bug where the table inline toolbars would be displayed at the same time as the image toolbars.
  308 	Fixed bug where the table selection rect wouldn't be removed when selecting another control element.
  309 Version 4.3.0 (2015-11-23)
  310 	Added new table column/row resize support. Makes it a lot more easy to resize the columns/rows in a table.
  311 	Added new table inline toolbar. Makes it easier to for example add new rows or columns to a table.
  312 	Added new notification API. Lets you display floating notifications to the end user.
  313 	Added new codesample plugin that lets you insert syntax highlighted pre elements into the editor.
  314 	Added new image_caption to images. Lets you create images with captions using a HTML5 figure/figcaption elements.
  315 	Added new live previews of embeded videos. Lets you play the video right inside the editor.
  316 	Added new setDirty method and "dirty" event to the editor. Makes it easier to track the dirty state change.
  317 	Added new setMode method to Editor instances that lets you dynamically switch between design/readonly.
  318 	Added new core support for contentEditable=false elements within the editor overrides the browsers broken behavior.
  319 	Rewrote the noneditable plugin to use the new contentEditable false core logic.
  320 	Fixed so the dirty state doesn't set set to false automatically when the undo index is set to 0.
  321 	Fixed the Selection.placeCaretAt so it works better on IE when the coordinate is between paragraphs.
  322 	Fixed bug where data-mce-bogus="all" element contents where counted by the word count plugin.
  323 	Fixed bug where contentEditable=false elements would be indented by the indent buttons.
  324 	Fixed bug where images within contentEditable=false would be selected in WebKit on mouse click.
  325 	Fixed bug in DOMUntils split method where the replacement parameter wouldn't work on specific cases.
  326 	Fixed bug where the importcss plugin would import classes from the skin content css file.
  327 	Fixed so all button variants have a wrapping span for it's text to make it easier to skin.
  328 	Fixed so it's easier to exit pre block using the arrow keys.
  329 	Fixed bug where listboxes with fix widths didn't render correctly.
  330 Version 4.2.8 (2015-11-13)
  331 	Fixed bug where it was possible to delete tables as the inline root element if all columns where selected.
  332 	Fixed bug where the UI buttons active state wasn't properly updated due to recent refactoring of that logic.
  333 Version 4.2.7 (2015-10-27)
  334 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete would remove all formats on the last paragraph character in WebKit/Blink.
  335 	Fixed bug where backspace within a inline format element with a bogus caret container would move the caret.
  336 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete on selected table cells wouldn't add an undo level.
  337 	Fixed bug where script tags embedded within the editor could sometimes get a mce- prefix prepended to them
  338 	Fixed bug where validate: false option could produce an error to be thrown from the Serialization step.
  339 	Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element could let the user delete that table.
  340 	Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element wouldn't properly handle enter key.
  341 	Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element would normalize the selection incorrectly.
  342 	Fixed bug where inline editing of a list as the root element could let the user delete that list.
  343 	Fixed bug where inline editing of a list as the root element could let the user split that list.
  344 	Fixed bug where resize handles would be rendered on editable root elements such as table.
  345 Version 4.2.6 (2015-09-28)
  346 	Added capability to set request headers when using XHRs.
  347 	Added capability to upload local images automatically default delay is set to 30 seconds after editing images.
  348 	Added commands ids mceEditImage, mceAchor and mceMedia to be avaiable from execCommand.
  349 	Added Edge browser to saucelabs grunt task. Patch contributed by John-David Dalton.
  350 	Fixed bug where blob uris not produced by tinymce would produce HTML invalid markup.
  351 	Fixed bug where selection of contents of a nearly empty editor in Edge would sometimes fail.
  352 	Fixed bug where color styles woudln't be retained on copy/paste in Blink/Webkit.
  353 	Fixed bug where the table plugin would throw an error when inserting rows after a child table.
  354 	Fixed bug where the template plugin wouldn't handle functions as variable replacements.
  355 	Fixed bug where undo/redo sometimes wouldn't work properly when applying formatting collapsed ranges.
  356 	Fixed bug where shift+delete wouldn't do a cut operation on Blink/WebKit.
  357 	Fixed bug where cut action wouldn't properly store the before selection bookmark for the undo level.
  358 	Fixed bug where backspace in side an empty list element on IE would loose editor focus.
  359 	Fixed bug where the save plugin wouldn't enable the buttons when a change occurred.
  360 	Fixed bug where Edge wouldn't initialize the editor if a document.domain was specified.
  361 	Fixed bug where enter key before nested images would sometimes not properly expand the previous block.
  362 	Fixed bug where the inline toolbars wouldn't get properly hidden when blurring the editor instance.
  363 	Fixed bug where Edge would paste Chinese characters on some Windows 10 installations.
  364 	Fixed bug where IME would loose focus on IE 11 due to the double trailing br bug fix.
  365 	Fixed bug where the proxy url in imagetools was incorrect. Patch contributed by Wong Ho Wang.
  366 Version 4.2.5 (2015-08-31)
  367 	Added fullscreen capability to embedded youtube and vimeo videos.
  368 	Fixed bug where the uploadImages call didn't work on IE 10.
  369 	Fixed bug where image place holders would be uploaded by uploadImages call.
  370 	Fixed bug where images marked with bogus would be uploaded by the uploadImages call.
  371 	Fixed bug where multiple calls to uploadImages would result in decreased performance.
  372 	Fixed bug where pagebreaks were editable to imagetools patch contributed by Rasmus Wallin.
  373 	Fixed bug where the element path could cause too much recursion exception.
  374 	Fixed bug for domains containing ".min". Patch contributed by Loïc Février.
  375 	Fixed so validation of external links to accept a number after www. Patch contributed by Victor Carvalho.
  376 	Fixed so the charmap is exposed though execCommand. Patch contributed by Matthew Will.
  377 	Fixed so that the image uploads are concurrent for improved performance.
  378 	Fixed various grammar problems in inline documentation. Patches provided by nikolas.
  379 Version 4.2.4 (2015-08-17)
  380 	Added picture as a valid element to the HTML 5 schema. Patch contributed by Adam Taylor.
  381 	Fixed bug where contents would be duplicated on drag/drop within the same editor.
  382 	Fixed bug where floating/alignment of images on Edge wouldn't work properly.
  383 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to drag images on IE 11.
  384 	Fixed bug where image selection on Edge would sometimes fail.
  385 	Fixed bug where contextual toolbars icons wasn't rendered properly when using the toolbar_items_size.
  386 	Fixed bug where searchreplace dialog doesn't get prefilled with the selected text.
  387 	Fixed bug where fragmented matches wouldn't get properly replaced by the searchreplace plugin.
  388 	Fixed bug where enter key wouldn't place the caret if was after a trailing space within an inline element.
  389 	Fixed bug where the autolink plugin could produce multiple links for the same text on Gecko.
  390 	Fixed bug where EditorUpload could sometimes throw an exception if the blob wasn't found.
  391 	Fixed xss issues with media plugin not properly filtering out some script attributes.
  392 Version 4.2.3 (2015-07-30)
  393 	Fixed bug where image selection wasn't possible on Edge due to incompatible setBaseAndExtend API.
  394 	Fixed bug where image blobs urls where not properly destroyed by the imagetools plugin.
  395 	Fixed bug where keyboard shortcuts wasn't working correctly on IE 8.
  396 	Fixed skin issue where the borders of panels where not visible on IE 8.
  397 Version 4.2.2 (2015-07-22)
  398 	Fixed bug where float panels were not being hidden on inline editor blur when fixed_toolbar_container config option was in use.
  399 	Fixed bug where combobox states wasn't properly updated if contents where updated without keyboard.
  400 	Fixed bug where pasting into textbox or combobox would move the caret to the end of text.
  401 	Fixed bug where removal of bogus span elements before block elements would remove whitespace between nodes.
  402 	Fixed bug where repositioning of inline toolbars where async and producing errors if the editor was removed from DOM to early. Patch by iseulde.
  403 	Fixed bug where element path wasn't working correctly. Patch contributed by iseulde.
  404 	Fixed bug where menus wasn't rendered correctly when custom images where added to a menu. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
  405 Version 4.2.1 (2015-06-29)
  406 	Fixed bug where back/forward buttons in the browser would render blob images as broken images.
  407 	Fixed bug where Firefox would throw regexp to big error when replacing huge base64 chunks.
  408 	Fixed bug rendering issues with resize and context toolbars not being placed properly until next animation frame.
  409 	Fixed bug where the rendering of the image while cropping would some times not be centered correctly.
  410 	Fixed bug where listbox items with submenus would me selected as active.
  411 	Fixed bug where context menu where throwing an error when rendering.
  412 	Fixed bug where resize both option wasn't working due to resent addClass API change. Patch contributed by Jogai.
  413 	Fixed bug where a hideAll call for container rendered inline toolbars would throw an error.
  414 	Fixed bug where onclick event handler on combobox could cause issues if element.id was a function by some polluting libraries.
  415 	Fixed bug where listboxes wouldn't get proper selected sub menu item when using link_list or image_list.
  416 	Fixed so the UI controls are as wide as 4.1.x to avoid wrapping controls in toolbars.
  417 	Fixed so the imagetools dialog is adaptive for smaller screen sizes.
  418 Version 4.2.0 (2015-06-25)
  419 	Added new flat default skin to make the UI more modern.
  420 	Added new imagetools plugin, lets you crop/resize and apply filters to images.
  421 	Added new contextual toolbars support to the API lets you add floating toolbars for specific CSS selectors.
  422 	Added new promise feature fill as tinymce.util.Promise.
  423 	Added new built in image upload feature lets you upload any base64 encoded image within the editor as files.
  424 	Fixed bug where resize handles would appear in the right position in the wrong editor when switching between resizable content in different inline editors.
  425 	Fixed bug where tables would not be inserted in inline mode due to previous float panel fix.
  426 	Fixed bug where floating panels would remain open when focus was lost on inline editors.
  427 	Fixed bug where cut command on Chrome would thrown a browser security exception.
  428 	Fixed bug where IE 11 sometimes would report an incorrect size for images in the image dialog.
  429 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to remove inline formatting at the end of block elements.
  430 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete table cell contents when cell selection was vertical.
  431 	Fixed bug where table cell wasn't emptied from block elements if delete/backspace where pressed in empty cell.
  432 	Fixed bug where cmd+shift+arrow didn't work correctly on Firefox mac when selecting to start/end of line.
  433 	Fixed bug where removal of bogus elements would sometimes remove whitespace between nodes.
  434 	Fixed bug where the resize handles wasn't updated when the main window was resized.
  435 	Fixed so script elements gets removed by default to prevent possible XSS issues in default config implementations.
  436 	Fixed so the UI doesn't need manual reflows when using non native layout managers.
  437 	Fixed so base64 encoded images doesn't slow down the editor on modern browsers while editing.
  438 	Fixed so all UI elements uses touch events to improve mobile device support.
  439 	Removed the touch click quirks patch for iOS since it did more harm than good.
  440 	Removed the non proportional resize handles since. Unproportional resize can still be done by holding the shift key.
  441 Version 4.1.10 (2015-05-05)
  442 	Fixed bug where plugins loaded with compat3x would sometimes throw errors when loading using the jQuery version.
  443 	Fixed bug where extra empty paragraphs would get deleted in WebKit/Blink due to recent Quriks fix.
  444 	Fixed bug where the editor wouldn't work properly on IE 12 due to some required browser sniffing.
  445 	Fixed bug where formatting shortcut keys where interfering with Mac OS X screenshot keys.
  446 	Fixed bug where the caret wouldn't move to the next/previous line boundary on Cmd+Left/Right on Gecko.
  447 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to remove formats from very specific nested contents.
  448 	Fixed bug where undo levels wasn't produced when typing letters using the shift or alt+ctrl modifiers.
  449 	Fixed bug where the dirty state wasn't properly updated when typing using the shift or alt+ctrl modifiers.
  450 	Fixed bug where an error would be thrown if an autofocused editor was destroyed quickly after its initialization. Patch provided by thorn0.
  451 	Fixed issue with dirty state not being properly updated on redo operation.
  452 	Fixed issue with entity decoder not handling incorrectly written numeric entities.
  453 	Fixed issue where some PI element values wouldn't be properly encoded.
  454 Version 4.1.9 (2015-03-10)
  455 	Fixed bug where indentation wouldn't work properly for non list elements.
  456 	Fixed bug with image plugin not pulling the image dimensions out correctly if a custom document_base_url was used.
  457 	Fixed bug where ctrl+alt+[1-9] would conflict with the AltGr+[1-9] on Windows. New shortcuts is ctrl+shift+[1-9].
  458 	Fixed bug with removing formatting on nodes in inline mode would sometimes include nodes outside the editor body.
  459 	Fixed bug where extra nbsp:s would be inserted when you replaced a word surrounded by spaces using insertContent.
  460 	Fixed bug with pasting from Google Docs would produce extra strong elements and line feeds.
  461 Version 4.1.8 (2015-03-05)
  462 	Added new html5 sizes attribute to img elements used together with srcset.
  463 	Added new elementpath option that makes it possible to disable the element path but keep the statusbar.
  464 	Added new option table_style_by_css for the table plugin to set table styling with css rather than table attributes.
  465 	Added new link_assume_external_targets option to prompt the user to prepend http:// prefix if the supplied link does not contain a protocol prefix.
  466 	Added new image_prepend_url option to allow a custom base path/url to be added to images.
  467 	Added new table_appearance_options option to make it possible to disable some options.
  468 	Added new image_title option to make it possible to alter the title of the image, disabled by default.
  469 	Fixed bug where selection starting from out side of the body wouldn't produce a proper selection range on IE 11.
  470 	Fixed bug where pressing enter twice before a table moves the cursor in the table and causes a javascript error.
  471 	Fixed bug where advanced image styles were not respected.
  472 	Fixed bug where the less common Shift+Delete didn't produce a proper cut operation on WebKit browsers.
  473 	Fixed bug where image/media size constrain logic would produce NaN when handling non number values.
  474 	Fixed bug where internal classes where removed by the removeformat command.
  475 	Fixed bug with creating links table cell contents with a specific selection would throw a exceptions on WebKit/Blink.
  476 	Fixed bug where valid_classes option didn't work as expected according to docs. Patch provided by thorn0.
  477 	Fixed bug where jQuery plugin would patch the internal methods multiple times. Patch provided by Drew Martin.
  478 	Fixed bug where backspace key wouldn't delete the current selection of newly formatted content.
  479 	Fixed bug where type over of inline formatting elements wouldn't properly keep the format on WebKit/Blink.
  480 	Fixed bug where selection needed to be properly normalized on modern IE versions.
  481 	Fixed bug where Command+Backspace didn't properly delete the whole line of text but the previous word.
  482 	Fixed bug where UI active states wheren't properly updated on IE if you placed caret within the current range.
  483 	Fixed bug where delete/backspace on WebKit/Blink would remove span elements created by the user.
  484 	Fixed bug where delete/backspace would produce incorrect results when deleting between two text blocks with br elements.
  485 	Fixed bug where captions where removed when pasting from MS Office.
  486 	Fixed bug where lists plugin wouldn't properly remove fully selected nested lists.
  487 	Fixed bug where the ttf font used for icons would throw an warning message on Gecko on Mac OS X.
  488 	Fixed a bug where applying a color to text did not update the undo/redo history.
  489 	Fixed so shy entities gets displayed when using the visualchars plugin.
  490 	Fixed so removeformat removes ins/del by default since these might be used for strikethough.
  491 	Fixed so multiple language packs can be loaded and added to the global I18n data structure.
  492 	Fixed so transparent color selection gets treated as a normal color selection. Patch contributed by Alexander Hofbauer.
  493 	Fixed so it's possible to disable autoresize_overflow_padding, autoresize_bottom_margin options by setting them to false.
  494 	Fixed so the charmap plugin shows the description of the character in the dialog. Patch contributed by Jelle Hissink.
  495 	Removed address from the default list of block formats since it tends to be missused.
  496 	Fixed so the pre block format is called preformatted to make it more verbose.
  497 	Fixed so it's possible to context scope translation strings this isn't needed most of the time.
  498 	Fixed so the max length of the width/height input fields of the media dialog is 5 instead of 3.
  499 	Fixed so drag/dropped contents gets properly processed by paste plugin since it's basically a paste. Patch contributed by Greg Fairbanks.
  500 	Fixed so shortcut keys for headers is ctrl+alt+[1-9] instead of ctrl+[1-9] since these are for switching tabs in the browsers.
  501 	Fixed so "u" doesn't get converted into a span element by the legacy input filter. Since this is now a valid HTML5 element.
  502 	Fixed font families in order to provide appropriate web-safe fonts.
  503 Version 4.1.7 (2014-11-27)
  504 	Added HTML5 schema support for srcset, source and picture. Patch contributed by mattheu.
  505 	Added new cache_suffix setting to enable cache busting by producing unique urls.
  506 	Added new paste_convert_word_fake_lists option to enable users to disable the fake lists convert logic.
  507 	Fixed so advlist style changes adds undo levels for each change.
  508 	Fixed bug where WebKit would sometimes produce an exception when the autolink plugin where looking for URLs.
  509 	Fixed bug where IE 7 wouldn't be rendered properly due to to aggressive css compression.
  510 	Fixed bug where DomQuery wouldn't accept window as constructor element.
  511 	Fixed bug where the color picker in 3.x dialogs wouldn't work properly. Patch contributed by Callidior.
  512 	Fixed bug where the image plugin wouldn't respect the document_base_url.
  513 	Fixed bug where the jQuery plugin would fail to append to elements named array prototype names.
  514 Version 4.1.6 (2014-10-08)
  515 	Fixed bug with clicking on the scrollbar of the iframe would cause a JS error to be thrown.
  516 	Fixed bug where null would produce an exception if you passed it to selection.setRng.
  517 	Fixed bug where Ctrl/Cmd+Tab would indent the current list item if you switched tabs in the browser.
  518 	Fixed bug where pasting empty cells from Excel would result in a broken table.
  519 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to switch back to default list style type.
  520 	Fixed issue where the select all quirk fix would fire for other modifiers than Ctrl/Cmd combinations.
  521 	Replaced jake with grunt since it is more mainstream and has better plugin support.
  522 Version 4.1.5 (2014-09-09)
  523 	Fixed bug where sometimes the resize rectangles wouldn't properly render on images on WebKit/Blink.
  524 	Fixed bug in list plugin where delete/backspace would merge empty LI elements in lists incorrectly.
  525 	Fixed bug where empty list elements would result in empty LI elements without it's parent container.
  526 	Fixed bug where backspace in empty caret formatted element could produce an type error exception of Gecko.
  527 	Fixed bug where lists pasted from word with a custom start index above 9 wouldn't be properly handled.
  528 	Fixed bug where tabfocus plugin would tab out of the editor instance even if the default action was prevented.
  529 	Fixed bug where tabfocus wouldn't tab properly to other adjacent editor instances.
  530 	Fixed bug where the DOMUtils setStyles wouldn't properly removed or update the data-mce-style attribute.
  531 	Fixed bug where dialog select boxes would be placed incorrectly if document.body wasn't statically positioned.
  532 	Fixed bug where pasting would sometimes scroll to the top of page if the user was using the autoresize plugin.
  533 	Fixed bug where caret wouldn't be properly rendered by Chrome when clicking on the iframes documentElement.
  534 	Fixed so custom images for menubutton/splitbutton can be provided. Patch contributed by Naim Hammadi.
  535 	Fixed so the default action of windows closing can be prevented by blocking the default action of the close event.
  536 	Fixed so nodeChange and focus of the editor isn't automatically performed when opening sub dialogs.
  537 Version 4.1.4 (2014-08-21)
  538 	Added new media_filter_html option to media plugin that blocks any conditional comments, scripts etc within a video element.
  539 	Added new content_security_policy option allows you to set custom policy for iframe contents. Patch contributed by Francois Chagnon.
  540 	Fixed bug where activate/deactivate events wasn't firing properly when switching between editors.
  541 	Fixed bug where placing the caret on iOS was difficult due to a WebKit bug with touch events.
  542 	Fixed bug where the resize helper wouldn't render properly on older IE versions.
  543 	Fixed bug where resizing images inside tables on older IE versions would sometimes fail depending mouse position.
  544 	Fixed bug where editor.insertContent would produce an exception when inserting select/option elements.
  545 	Fixed bug where extra empty paragraphs would be produced if block elements where inserted inside span elements.
  546 	Fixed bug where the spellchecker menu item wouldn't be properly checked if spell checking was started before it was rendered.
  547 	Fixed bug where the DomQuery filter function wouldn't remove non elements from collection.
  548 	Fixed bug where document with custom document.domain wouldn't properly render the editor.
  549 	Fixed bug where IE 8 would throw exception when trying to enter invalid color values into colorboxes.
  550 	Fixed bug where undo manager could incorrectly add an extra undo level when custom resize handles was removed.
  551 	Fixed bug where it wouldn't be possible to alter cell properties properly on table cells on IE 8.
  552 	Fixed so the color picker button in table dialog isn't shown unless you include the colorpicker plugin or add your own custom color picker.
  553 	Fixed so activate/deactivate events fire when windowManager opens a window since.
  554 	Fixed so the table advtab options isn't separated by an underscore to normalize naming with image_advtab option.
  555 	Fixed so the table cell dialog has proper padding when the advanced tab in disabled.
  556 Version 4.1.3 (2014-07-29)
  557 	Added event binding logic to tinymce.util.XHR making it possible to override headers and settings before any request is made.
  558 	Fixed bug where drag events wasn't fireing properly on older IE versions since the event handlers where bound to document.
  559 	Fixed bug where drag/dropping contents within the editor on IE would force the contents into plain text mode even if it was internal content.
  560 	Fixed bug where IE 7 wouldn't open menus properly due to a resize bug in the browser auto closing them immediately.
  561 	Fixed bug where the DOMUtils getPos logic wouldn't produce a valid coordinate inside the body if the body was positioned non static.
  562 	Fixed bug where the element path and format state wasn't properly updated if you had the wordcount plugin enabled.
  563 	Fixed bug where a comment at the beginning of source would produce an exception in the formatter logic.
  564 	Fixed bug where setAttrib/getAttrib on null would throw exception together with any hooked attributes like style.
  565 	Fixed bug where table sizes wasn't properly retained when copy/pasting on WebKit/Blink.
  566 	Fixed bug where WebKit/Blink would produce colors in RGB format instead of the forced HEX format when deleting contents.
  567 	Fixed bug where the width attribute wasn't updated on tables if you changed the size inside the table dialog.
  568 	Fixed bug where control selection wasn't properly handled when the caret was placed directly after an image.
  569 	Fixed bug where selecting the contents of table cells using the selection.select method wouldn't place the caret properly.
  570 	Fixed bug where the selection state for images wasn't removed when placing the caret right after an image on WebKit/Blink.
  571 	Fixed bug where all events wasn't properly unbound when and editor instance was removed or destroyed by some external innerHTML call.
  572 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible or very hard to select images on iOS when the onscreen keyboard was visible.
  573 	Fixed so auto_focus can take a boolean argument this will auto focus the last initialized editor might be useful for single inits.
  574 	Fixed so word auto detect lists logic works better for faked lists that doesn't have specific markup.
  575 	Fixed so nodeChange gets fired on mouseup as it used to before 4.1.1 we optimized that event to fire less often.
  576 	Removed the finish menu item from spellchecker menu since it's redundant you can stop spellchecking by toggling menu item or button.
  577 Version 4.1.2 (2014-07-15)
  578 	Added offset/grep to DomQuery class works basically the same as it's jQuery equivalent.
  579 	Fixed bug where backspace/delete or setContent with an empty string would remove header data when using the fullpage plugin.
  580 	Fixed bug where tinymce.remove with a selector not matching any editors would remove all editors.
  581 	Fixed bug where resizing of the editor didn't work since the theme was calling setStyles instead of setStyle.
  582 	Fixed bug where IE 7 would fail to append html fragments to iframe document when using DomQuery.
  583 	Fixed bug where the getStyle DOMUtils method would produce an exception if it was called with null as it's element.
  584 	Fixed bug where the paste plugin would remove the element if the none of the paste_webkit_styles rules matched the current style.
  585 	Fixed bug where contextmenu table items wouldn't work properly on IE since it would some times fire an incorrect selection change.
  586 	Fixed bug where the padding/border values wasn't used in the size calculation for the body size when using autoresize. Patch contributed by Matt Whelan.
  587 	Fixed bug where conditional word comments wouldn't be properly removed when pasting plain text.
  588 	Fixed bug where resizing would sometime fail on IE 11 when the mouseup occurred inside the resizable element.
  589 	Fixed so the iframe gets initialized without any inline event handlers for better CSP support. Patch contributed by Matt Whelan.
  590 	Fixed so the tinymce.dom.Sizzle is the latest version of sizzle this resolves the document context bug.
  591 Version 4.1.1 (2014-07-08)
  592 	Fixed bug where pasting plain text on some WebKit versions would result in an empty line.
  593 	Fixed bug where resizing images inside tables on IE 11 wouldn't work properly.
  594 	Fixed bug where IE 11 would sometimes throw "Invalid argument" exception when editor contents was set to an empty string.
  595 	Fixed bug where document.activeElement would throw exceptions on IE 9 when that element was hidden or removed from dom.
  596 	Fixed bug where WebKit/Blink sometimes produced br elements with the Apple-interchange-newline class.
  597 	Fixed bug where table cell selection wasn't properly removed when copy/pasting table cells.
  598 	Fixed bug where pasting nested list items from Word wouldn't produce proper semantic nested lists.
  599 	Fixed bug where right clicking using the contextmenu plugin on WebKit/Blink on Mac OS X would select the target current word or line.
  600 	Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to alter table cell properties on IE 8 using the context menu.
  601 	Fixed bug where the resize helper wouldn't be correctly positioned on older IE versions.
  602 	Fixed bug where fullpage plugin would produce an error if you didn't specify a doctype encoding.
  603 	Fixed bug where anchor plugin would get the name/id of the current element even if it wasn't anchor element.
  604 	Fixed bug where visual aids for tables wouldn't be properly disabled when changing the border size.
  605 	Fixed bug where some control selection events wasn't properly fired on older IE versions.
  606 	Fixed bug where table cell selection on older IE versions would prevent resizing of images.
  607 	Fixed bug with paste_data_images paste option not working properly on modern IE versions.
  608 	Fixed bug where custom elements with underscores in the name wasn't properly parsed/serialized.
  609 	Fixed bug where applying inline formats to nested list elements would produce an incorrect formatting result.
  610 	Fixed so it's possible to hide items from elements path by using preventDefault/stopPropagation.
  611 	Fixed so inline mode toolbar gets rendered right aligned if the editable element positioned to the documents right edge.
  612 	Fixed so empty inline elements inside empty block elements doesn't get removed if configured to be kept intact.
  613 	Fixed so DomQuery parentsUntil/prevUntil/nextUntil supports selectors/elements/filters etc.
  614 	Fixed so legacyoutput plugin overrides fontselect and fontsizeselect controls and handles font elements properly.
  615 Version 4.1.0 (2014-06-18)
  616 	Added new file_picker_callback option to replace the old file_browser_callback the latter will still work though.
  617 	Added new custom colors to textcolor plugin will be displayed if a color picker is provided also shows the latest colors.
  618 	Added new color_picker_callback option to enable you to add custom color pickers to the editor.
  619 	Added new advanced tabs to table/cell/row dialogs to enable you to select colors for border/background.
  620 	Added new colorpicker plugin that lets you select colors from a hsv color picker.
  621 	Added new tinymce.util.Color class to handle color parsing and converting.
  622 	Added new colorpicker UI widget element lets you add a hsv color picker to any form/window.
  623 	Added new textpattern plugin that allows you to use markdown like text patterns to format contents.
  624 	Added new resize helper element that shows the current width & height while resizing.
  625 	Added new "once" method to Editor and EventDispatcher enables since callback execution events.
  626 	Added new jQuery like class under tinymce.dom.DomQuery it's exposed on editor instances (editor.$) and globally under (tinymce.$).
  627 	Fixed so the default resize method for images are proportional shift/ctrl can be used to make an unproportional size.
  628 	Fixed bug where the image_dimensions option of the image plugin would cause exceptions when it tried to update the size.
  629 	Fixed bug where table cell dialog class field wasn't properly updated when editing an a table cell with an existing class.
  630 	Fixed bug where Safari on Mac would produce webkit-fake-url for pasted images so these are now removed.
  631 	Fixed bug where the nodeChange event would get fired before the selection was changed when clicking inside the current selection range.
  632 	Fixed bug where valid_classes option would cause exception when it removed internal prefixed classes like mce-item-.
  633 	Fixed bug where backspace would cause navigation in IE 8 on an inline element and after a caret formatting was applied.
  634 	Fixed so placeholder images produced by the media plugin gets selected when inserted/edited.
  635 	Fixed so it's possible to drag in images when the paste_data_images option is enabled. Might be useful for mail clients.
  636 	Fixed so images doesn't get a width/height applied if the image_dimensions option is set to false useful for responsive contents.
  637 	Fixed so it's possible to pass in an optional arguments object for the nodeChanged function to be passed to all nodechange event listeners.
  638 	Fixed bug where media plugin embed code didn't update correctly.