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    1 --otherstring
    2 Content-Disposition: form-data; name="other_file"; filename="other_boundary.txt"
    3 Content-Length: 1037
    4 Content-Type: text/plain
    6 This is a test of a plain text document.
    7 It has several lines of text,
    8 and can be used to test how the larger documents
    9 are handled by CGI::Lite.
   10 It is not intended for any other purpose.
   12 There has to be a lot of text in here because we need it to be several
   13 times the size of the buffer in order to test all the possible
   14 situations which the upload handler will encounter.
   15 The smallest buffer size is 256 of your puny Earth bytes and therefore
   16 this file ought to be somewhat in excess of three times that just to be
   17 sure. That's a lot of text when you stop to think about it and, as it
   18 turns out, even more when you have to come up with it.
   20 Why on earth are you reading this in the first place? It's really just
   21 placeholder text. I could have welched out and used Lorem Ipsum instead
   22 but how dull and uninspiring would that be? Designers, somewhat
   23 surprisiingly, appear to have little creativity when it comes to such
   24 placeholder text. Perhaps their programmer friends could help them out
   25 with that.
   27 OK, that's enough now.
   29 --otherstring--