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Member "whois/nic_handles.h" (22 May 2018, 750 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/whois_5.5.9.tar.xz:

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    1     "-arin",    "whois.arin.net",
    2     "-ripe",    "whois.ripe.net",
    3     "-mnt", "whois.ripe.net",
    4     "-lacnic",  "whois.lacnic.net",
    5     "-afrinic", "whois.afrinic.net",
    6     "-ap",  "whois.apnic.net",
    7     "-cznic",   "whois.nic.cz",
    8     "-dk",  "whois.dk-hostmaster.dk",
    9     "-il",  "whois.isoc.org.il",
   10     "-is",  "whois.isnic.is",
   11     "-kg",  "whois.domain.kg",
   12     "-coop",    "whois.nic.coop",
   13     "-frnic",   "whois.nic.fr",
   14     "-lrms",    "whois.afilias.info",
   15     "-metu",    "whois.nic.tr",
   16     "-nicat",   "whois.nic.at",
   17     "-nicci",   "whois.nic.ci",
   18     "-irnic",   "whois.nic.ir",
   19     "-norid",   "whois.norid.no",
   20     "-tel", "whois.nic.tel",
   21     "-adnic",   "whois.nic.org.uy",
   22     "-sixxs",   "whois.sixxs.net",
   23     "-uanic",   "whois.ua",
   24     "-bzh", "whois.nic.bzh",