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Member "which-2.21/bash.h" (19 Mar 2015, 736 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/which-2.21.tar.gz:

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    1 /* From bash-4.3 / general.h / line 228 */
    2 /* Some defines for calling file status functions. */
    3 #define FS_EXISTS         0x1
    4 #define FS_EXECABLE       0x2
    5 #define FS_EXEC_PREFERRED 0x4
    6 #define FS_EXEC_ONLY      0x8
    7 #define FS_DIRECTORY      0x10
    8 #define FS_NODIRS         0x20
    9 #define FS_READABLE       0x40
   11 /* From bash-4.3 / general.h / line 69 */
   12 #define savestring(x) (char *)strcpy(xmalloc(1 + strlen (x)), (x))
   14 extern int file_status(const char *name);
   15 extern int absolute_program(const char *string);
   16 extern char *get_next_path_element(char const* path_list, int *path_index_pointer);
   17 extern char *make_full_pathname(const char *path, const char *name, int name_len);
   18 extern int uidget();
   19 extern char* sh_get_home_dir(void);