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    1 How to hack on WebSec
    2 ---------------------
    4 So you've had an itch with WebSec, and you scratched it, Cool! You now want
    5 everyone to enjoy your improvement and get the world renowned status of WebSec
    6 hacker, so you send it over to the maintainer or to the mailing list. Since the
    7 maintainer tries to have a semblence of life and since the work his work is not
    8 only to apply a patch it takes a lot of time to get the patch applied.
   10 The way to make patches be applied faster try to make sure the maintainer needs
   11 to do as little work as possible. Here are a few hints:
   13 - Follow the coding style of the current code.
   14   The maintainer is not really a Perl coder and doesn't have a well defined
   15   style for Perl programming he just follows his aesthetics sense, follow his
   16   and he'll have less to modify in the code.
   17   Suggestions for better Perl Coding Style are always welcome, but don't force
   18   it down his throat :-)
   20 - Add a few lines to the NEWS file, put them at the very start of the file or
   21   you could add them in the text of your patch submission, this way the
   22   maintainer won't need to actually make his function to apply the patch.
   24 - Is it a new feature you did? Great, But did you add to the documentation the
   25   new feature? Who else is better qualified to fix the now outdated docs than
   26   the author of the patch.
   28 That's all folks.