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Node npm

Notice: This extension is bundled with Visual Studio Code. It can be disabled but not uninstalled.


Task Running

This extension supports running npm scripts defined in the package.json as tasks. Scripts with the name 'build', 'compile', or 'watch' are treated as build tasks.

To run scripts as tasks, use the Tasks menu.

For more information about auto detection of Tasks, see the documentation.

Script Explorer

The Npm Script Explorer shows the npm scripts found in your workspace. The explorer view is enabled by the setting npm.enableScriptExplorer. A script can be opened, run, or debug from the explorer.

Run Scripts from the Editor

The extension supports to run the selected script as a task when editing the package.jsonfile. You can either run a script from the hover shown on a script or using the command Run Selected Npm Script.

Run Scripts from a Folder in the Explorer

The extension supports running a script as a task from a folder in the Explorer. The command Run NPM Script in Folder... shown in the Explorer context menu finds all scripts in package.json files that are contained in this folder. You can then select the script to be executed as a task from the resulting list. You enable this support with the npm.runScriptFromFolder which is false by default.


The extension fetches data from https://registry.npmjs.org and https://registry.bower.io to provide auto-completion and information on hover features on npm dependencies.