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    1 Here are some ideas for enhancing virt-dmesg.  Note that we are trying
    2 to keep virt-dmesg focused and simple, and refer people who want to do
    3 the really complex stuff over to the 'crash' utility, 'kdump' etc.
    5 		-----
    7 There are other stats that are conveniently held in global variables
    8 that we could get access to.  For example:
   10 - loadavg
   12 Stored in a public global array:
   13   unsigned long avenrun[3];
   14 See kernel/sched.c.
   16 - block devices etc.
   18 All sorts of global lists of interesting things such as all_bdevs
   19 (block devices), task_struct, network devices, skbs etc.  However it's
   20 very hard to write general purpose code for iterating over these
   21 structs and reading the contents, since the structs change greatly
   22 between kernel releases.
   24 Nirvana here would involve some sort of heuristic that can untangle
   25 arbitrary structs linked by pointers.  At this point in development,
   26 it is better to refer users to the 'crash' utility.