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Member "viewvc-1.1.27/templates-contrib/viewsvn/templates/include/pathrev_form.ezt" (6 Jun 2019, 869 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/viewvc-1.1.27.tar.gz:

The requested HTML page contains a <FORM> tag that is unusable on "Fossies" in "automatic" (rendered) mode so that page is shown as HTML source code (style: standard) with prefixed line numbers. Alternatively you can here view or download the uninterpreted source code file.

    1 <form method="get" action="[pathrev_action]" style="display: inline">
    2 <div style="display: inline">
    3 [for pathrev_hidden_values]<input type="hidden" name="[pathrev_hidden_values.name]" value="[pathrev_hidden_values.value]"/>[end]
    4   <input type="text" name="pathrev" value="[pathrev]" size="6"/>
    5 <input type="submit" value="Set" />
    6 </div>
    7 </form>
    9 [if-any pathrev]
   10 <form method="get" action="[pathrev_clear_action]" style="display: inline">
   11 <div style="display: inline">
   12 [for pathrev_clear_hidden_values]<input type="hidden" name="[pathrev_clear_hidden_values.name]" value="[pathrev_clear_hidden_values.value]"/>[end]
   13 [if-any lastrev]
   14   [is pathrev lastrev][else]<input type="submit" value="Set to [lastrev]" />[end]
   15   (<i>Current path doesn't exist after revision <strong>[lastrev]</strong></i>)
   16 [else]
   17   <input type="submit" value="Clear" />
   18 [end]
   19 </div>
   20 </form>
   21 [end]