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Releasing Vagrant

This documents how to release Vagrant. Various steps in this document will require privileged access to private systems, so this document is only targeted at Vagrant core members who have the ability to cut a release.

  1. Update version.txt to the version you want to release.

  2. Update CHANGELOG.md to have a header with the release version and date.

  3. Commit those changes and also tag the release with the version:

    $ git tag vX.Y.Z
    $ git push --tags
  4. This will automatically trigger an installer creation, upload the artifacts, and publish the release.

  5. After the release has been published update the website/config.rb to point to the latest version, commit, and push.

  6. Publish the webiste by deleting the stable-website branch, recreate the branch, and force push. From the main branch, run:

    $ git branch -D stable-website
    $ git branch -b stable-website
    $ git push -f origin stable-website
  7. Update version.txt to append .dev and add a new blank entry in the CHANGELOG, commit, and push.

  8. Update Checkpoint with the new version.