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    1 #ifndef _RAR_SECURE_PASSWORD_
    2 #define _RAR_SECURE_PASSWORD_
    4 // Store a password securely (if data encryption is provided by OS)
    5 // or obfuscated to make search for password in memory dump less trivial.
    6 class SecPassword
    7 {
    8   private:
    9     void Process(const wchar *Src,size_t SrcSize,wchar *Dst,size_t DstSize,bool Encode);
   11     wchar Password[MAXPASSWORD];
   13     // It is important to have this 'bool' value, so if our object is cleaned
   14     // with memset as a part of larger structure, it is handled correctly.
   15     bool PasswordSet;
   16   public:
   17     SecPassword();
   18     ~SecPassword();
   19     void Clean();
   20     void Get(wchar *Psw,size_t MaxSize);
   21     void Set(const wchar *Psw);
   22     bool IsSet() {return PasswordSet;}
   23     size_t Length();
   24     bool operator == (SecPassword &psw);
   26     // Set to true if we need to pass a password to another process.
   27     // We use it when transferring parameters to UAC elevated WinRAR.
   28     bool CrossProcess;
   29 };
   32 void cleandata(void *data,size_t size);
   33 void SecHideData(void *Data,size_t DataSize,bool Encode,bool CrossProcess);
   35 #endif