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Member "unrar/consio.hpp" (4 May 2022, 793 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/unrarsrc-6.1.7.tar.gz:

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    1 #ifndef _RAR_CONSIO_
    2 #define _RAR_CONSIO_
    4 void InitConsole();
    5 void SetConsoleMsgStream(MESSAGE_TYPE MsgStream);
    6 void SetConsoleRedirectCharset(RAR_CHARSET RedirectCharset);
    7 void ProhibitConsoleInput();
    8 void OutComment(const wchar *Comment,size_t Size);
   10 #ifndef SILENT
   11 bool GetConsolePassword(UIPASSWORD_TYPE Type,const wchar *FileName,SecPassword *Password);
   12 #endif
   14 #ifdef SILENT
   15   inline void mprintf(const wchar *fmt,...) {}
   16   inline void eprintf(const wchar *fmt,...) {}
   17   inline void Alarm() {}
   18   inline int Ask(const wchar *AskStr) {return 0;}
   19   inline bool getwstr(wchar *str,size_t n) {return false;}
   20 #else
   21   void mprintf(const wchar *fmt,...);
   22   void eprintf(const wchar *fmt,...);
   23   void Alarm();
   24   int Ask(const wchar *AskStr);
   25   bool getwstr(wchar *str,size_t n);
   26 #endif
   28 #endif