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    1 2019-06-01: Release 12.1.02
    2    * Adds a Japanese version of Unifont, unifont_jp, containing
    3      kanji glyphs from the public domain Jiskan16 font.
    5    * Contains redrawn Devanagari and Bengali glyphs with
    6      narrower consonants for better superimposing of vowels.
    8    * Updated unibmp2hex.c to convert RGB color space files to
    9      monochrome.
   11 2019-05-11: Release 12.1.01
   12    * This release adds the new Reiwa Japanese era sign, added in
   13      Unicode 12.1.0.
   15    * Elizabeth Bettencourt contributed many Under ConScript Unicode
   16      Registry (UCSUR) scripts for the Plane 0 Private Use Area.
   18    * Some adjustments were made to Nandinagari and Nyiakeng Puachue
   19      Hmong scripts.  Full details are in the ChangeLog file.
   21    * Minor changes to source code, mainly to suppress warnings
   22      on more systems.
   24 2019-03-05: Release 12.0.01
   25    This release adds changes in Unicode Standard version 12.0.0,
   26    maintaining complete coverage of Unicode Plane 0, and adding
   27    the 11,000th Plane 1 glyph.  Major additions are as follows:
   29    *  New scripts in Unicode 12.0.0:
   31       - U+10FE0..U+10FFF Elymaic
   32       - U+119A0..U+119FF Nandinagari
   33       - U+11FC0..U+11FFF Tamil Supplement
   34       - U+13430..U+1343F Egyptian Hieroglyph Format Controls
   35       - U+1B130..U+1B16F Small Kana Extension
   36       - U+1E100..U+1E14F Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong
   37       - U+1E2C0..U+1E2FF Wancho
   38       - U+1ED00..U+1ED4F Ottoman Siyaq Numbers
   39       - U+1FA70..U+1FAFF Symbols and Pictographs Extended-A
   41    * U+1FA00..U+1FA5F Chess Symbols: 84 new glyphs added in Unicode 12.0.0.
   43    * Two new programs:
   45       - unibmpbump, by Paul Hardy, to shift glyphs created by
   46         unihex2png but later converted to .bmp image files,
   47         to allow processing by unibmp2hex.
   49       - unihexrotate, by David Corbett, to rotate glyphs in
   50         Unifont .hex files by any desired number of quarter turns
   51         clockwise or counterclockwise.
   53    Full details are in the ChangeLog file.
   55 2018-12-08: Release 11.0.03
   56    This release contains two significant contributions in the Unicode
   57    Supplementary Multilingual Plane (Plane 1):
   59      - Nushu glyphs (U+16FE1 and U+1B170..U+1B2FB) from David Corbett.
   61      - Kana Supplement glyphs (U+1B000..U+1B0FF) and Kana Extended-A
   62        glyphs (U+1B100..U+1B12F) from Johnnie Weaver.
   64 2018-08-10: Release 11.0.02
   65    Adds Sutton SignWriting glyphs.  Miscellaneous patches to other glyphs.
   67 2018-06-05: Release 11.0.01
   68    Update for Unicode 11.0.0 release.  Modifications maintain complete
   69    coverage of the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).  Also includes
   70    many Supplemental Multilingual Plane (SMP) scripts added in Unicode 11.0.
   72    Notable in this release is the Unicode 11.0 addition of the Copyleft
   73    symbol at code point U+01F12F.  Because of its significance, this is
   74    the only SMP glyph added to the Unicode TrueType BMP font.  This glyph
   75    also appears in the Unicode Upper TrueType font.  BDF and PCF fonts
   76    do not contain this symbol, as they only allow code points below U+10000.
   78 2017-12-27: Release 10.0.07
   79    Changes to allow cross-building from source.  Now the top-level Makefile
   80    and src/Makefile define INSTALL=install, rather than install C programs
   81    with the "-s" (strip) option.  This is part of a change requested by
   82    Helmut Grohne to allow cross-architecture building without invoking
   83    an architecture-specific "install -s".  However, INSTALL still can
   84    be defined on the top-level command line when make is invoked as
   85    INSTALL="install -s" to allow stripping C binaries during installation
   86    if desired.  This definition from the top-level Makefile is passed down
   87    to src/Makefile, which uses any command line definition when installing
   88    C programs.  Plain "install" is still used when installing Perl
   89    programs.
   91    Minor adjustments to glyphs as noted in the ChangeLog file.
   93 2017-08-27: Release 10.0.06
   95    Added numerous improvements to Unicode Plane 0 and Plane 1 scripts,
   96    almost all of which were contributed by David Corbett; see the
   97    ChangeLog file for details.
   99    Made changes to make files contributed by Mike Gilbert to support
  100    parallel make.
  102    Fixed a corrupted ASCII hexadecimal string array in unifontpic.h.
  104 2017-07-12: Release 10.0.05
  106    This release positions Unicode double diacritic marks correctly
  107    in the TrueType fonts.  The previous release did not multiply
  108    their offsets by the correct scale factor in FontForge.
  110    The unifontpic chart title is also centered along the top row
  111    legend, which looks better visually.
  113    The Phonetic Extensions block has gone through major revision,
  114    with minor adjustments in other Unicode scripts as described
  115    in the ChangeLog file.
  117 2017-07-08: Release 10.0.04
  119    Added "-P" flag to the unifontpic utility to specify the Unicode
  120    plane.  This allows creating code charts for glyphs above Plane 0.
  121    The Unicode plane is now added to the chart title.  This works
  122    properly for the wide and the long chart versions, with the
  123    letters in the long version's chart title now single-spaced.
  125    Received double-width Chinese ideographs to replace the quadruple-
  126    width glyphs for Church Slavonic transliteration that were released
  127    in Unifont 10.0.01.  This allows a return to PNG charts of Unifont
  128    glyphs.  PNG files are smaller than the BMP version but the PNG
  129    Unifont utilities have not been modified to handle quadruple-width
  130    glyphs, whereas the BMP utilities have been.  The 18 quadruple-width
  131    Chinese glyphs are preserved in font/plane00/alt/quad-width.hex to
  132    allow future experimentation.
  134    The PNG charts of Unicode Plane 1 (Supplemental Multilingual Plane)
  135    glyphs now use the Unifont "sample" version of Unifont ".hex" files,
  136    so that combining circles appear.  This was already being done for
  137    Unicode Plane 0 and will look better in font sample pages.
  139    Added new x-offset field to all *-combining.txt files to provide
  140    proper rendering of Unicode double diacritic marks; they should
  141    span across the preceding character and the following character.
  142    Added support for this in hex2sfd for FontForge generation of
  143    TrueType fonts.  Also added support for this to the unigencircles
  144    utility, so the combining circle of a double diacritic is printed
  145    correctly in the left half of the glyph as in the Unicode
  146    Consortium's code charts, rather than being centered.  Several
  147    applications are not rendering these double diacritic marks
  148    correctly; releasing this version of Unifont will allow validation
  149    of the new Unifont TrueType build, and could serve as a test font
  150    for implementing these specialty Unicode characters in other
  151    applications.
  153    Redrew Musical Symbols Ornaments (U+01D194..U+01D1A5) so they
  154    join together when used as a consecutive string of characters.
  155    Adjusted the Byzantine Musical Symbols "ano", "meso", and "kato"
  156    glyph versions for high, middle, and low vertical placement,
  157    respectively.
  159    Made numerous adjustments to many glyphs as noted in the ChangeLog
  160    file, including re-coding some "subjoiner" glyphs as combining
  161    characters instead of as non-printing.  Those glyphs now render
  162    a virama (halant) sign if a script contains such a sign, or a
  163    "+" subscript sign otherwise.
  165 2017-06-30: Release 10.0.03
  167    Modified font/hex2sfd to reposition combining characters.  If
  168    you experience problems with the TrueType font in this release,
  169    revert to 10.0.02.
  171 2017-06-30: Release 10.0.02
  173    Touched up glyphs in the block U+03xx, which includes modern Greek.
  174    Fixed an Aiha glyph in the Private Use Area in the Unifont CSUR font.
  176 2017-06-20: Release 10.0.01
  178    Updated for Unicode 10.0 release.
  180    New scripts added (introduced in Unicode 10.0):
  181      - U+0860..U+086F     Syriac Supplement
  182      - U+011A00..U+011A4F Zanabazar Square
  183      - U+011A50..U+011AAF Soyombo
  184      - U+011D00..U+011D5F Masaram Gondi
  186    Added quadruple-width glyphs U+9FD8..U+9FE9, updating some utility
  187    programs and documentation to allow this change.  The Perl scripts
  188    unihex2png, unipng2hex, and unifont-viewer do not support this new
  189    16-by-32 glyph size.
  191    Corrected several glyphs and made numerous changes in others,
  192    described in detail in the ChangeLog file.
  194 2016-12-22: Release 9.0.06
  196    Refined about 50 Pikto CSUR glyphs.
  198    Corrected two Osage glyphs and one mathematical operator as noted
  199    in ChangeLog.
  201 2016-12-10: Release 9.0.05
  203    Modified Cherokee glyphs to reflect changes in recent Cherokee font
  204    that the Unicode Consortium adopted for its code charts.  Removed
  205    serifs to make Cherokee glyphs easier to read.
  207    Modified Pikto CSUR glyphs after comparison with high-resolution scans
  208    of Basic Pikto book.
  210 2016-10-29: Release 9.0.04
  212    Extended "{" and "}" by one pixel so they now come to a point in the center.
  213    Swapped U+2A05 and U+2A06 so they are now in the correct order.
  215 2016-10-21: Release 9.0.03
  217    Added CSUR glyphs:
  218      - Aiha: added doubling combining glyph, omitted from the ConScript
  219        Unicode Registry (CSUR) code chart.
  220      - Tonal System: base 16 counting system devised by John William Nystrom
  221        in the mid-19th century.
  222      - Pikto: added the Pikto glyphs to Plane 15 Private Use Area, in the
  223        range specified in the CSUR.
  225    The giant picture of all of Plane 0 now includes the Plane 0 CSUR glyphs,
  226    although those are an optional part of Unifont in separate font files.
  228 2016-08-27: Release 9.0.02
  230    Added 3 more CSUR scripts.  Modifications to some existing glyphs.
  232 2016-07-02: Release 9.0.01
  234    Updates to support Unicode 9.0.0.
  236 2015-06-28: Release 8.0.01
  238   Updates to support Unicode 8.0.0.
  240 2014-10-23: Release 7.0.06
  242    A few new scripts were added:
  243       U+010350..U+01037F Old Permic
  244       U+01F650..U+01F67F Ornamental Dingbats
  245       U+01F780..U+01F7FF Geometrical Shapes Extended
  246       U+01F800..U+01F8FF Supplemental Arrows-C
  248    Various changes were made to Makefiles, Perl scripts, and one bash
  249    shell script to conform to Debian Policy Manual version 3.9.6.
  251    Several changes were made to Makefiles:
  252       * Use "set -e" at the start of multi-command shell invocations,
  253         to trap errors.
  254       * Use "&&" rather than ";" in multi-command shell invocations,
  255         to fail on errors.
  256       * install now uses "-s" flag for C program binaries.
  258    Other minor changes were made to scripts; see ChangeLog
  259    for details.
  261 2014-10-17: Release 7.0.05
  263    Modified ASCII letter 'l' so it would have the same height as
  264    the other lower-case letters with ascenders; this is one pixel
  265    taller than the capital letters.  Lowered the horizontal stroke 
  266    in 't' by one pixel so it would line up with the horizontal
  267    stroke in 'f'; this is one pixel lower than the x-height of
  268    the ASCII letters.  Letters elsewhere in Plane 0 that were formed
  269    with 'k', 'l', or 't' were checked and modified where appropriate
  270    to conform with the new ASCII glyphs.
  272    Completed the Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs script in Plane 1,
  273    and modified Plane 1 Emoticons and Transport and Map Symbols scripts.
  275    Now create file font/compiled/plane01.html, showing a color-coded
  276    indication of completion of all of Unicode Plane 1 as an HTML
  277    table in a self-contained HTML file.  That and the compiled/index.html
  278    are the two HTML files that building the font creates.  The plane01.html
  279    file gives a color coding to show completion of each 256-glyph block,
  280    from 0% (pure red) to 100% (pure green).
  282 2014-10-11: Release 7.0.04
  284    Added five more Supplemental Multilingual Plane (Plane 1) scripts
  285    and improved others thanks to several contributors.  There are now
  286    over 5,000 drawn assigned glyphs for Plane 1!
  288    Reorganized font/plane01 directory.  Several other changes; see
  289    ChangeLog file for details.
  291    unihex2sfd and unipagecount now handle all Unicode planes, not just
  292    Plane 0.
  295 2014-07-01: Release 7.0.03
  297    Minor release for Debian.  Added a man page for unihexfill(1);
  298    Debian requires a man page for each program.
  300 2014-06-22: Release 7.0.02
  302    Fixes a bug in font/Makefile: there were two "done" statements at the
  303    end of one "for" loop.  Also adds many new Supplemental Multilingual
  304    Plane (Plane 1) scripts.  See the ChangeLog file for details.
  306 2014-06-21: Release 7.0.01
  308    Provides a glyph for every visible code point in the Unicode 7.0 Basic
  309    Mulitlingual Plane.  Also adds more scripts in the Unicode 7.0
  310    Supplemental Multilingual Plane.  See the ChangeLog file for full
  311    details.
  313    Note that the versioning scheme has changed.  Instead of a date, this
  314    package will use an incrementing minor version number in the future
  315    ("01", "02", etc.).
  317 2014-02-14: Release 6.3.20140214
  319    This version adds the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 to the "COPYING"
  320    file.
  322 2014-02-04: Release 6.3.20140204
  324    This version added Qianqian Fang's name to the COPYRIGHT string now
  325    passed to Fontforge when the TTF fonts are built, for his contributions
  326    contained in the file "font/plane00/wqy.hex".
  328    This version also removes "<img>" links to icons on external websites from
  329    the "hangul/hangul-generation.html" web page, which were retrieved and
  330    stored locally when the original web page was saved in the "hangul/"
  331    directory.
  333 2014-02-02: Release 6.3.20140202
  335    This version is the first designed to easily build multiple fonts.
  336    To accomplish this, font/Makefile and font/ttfsrc/Makefile were
  337    modified to pass FONT and COMBINING parameters, giving the names
  338    of the font file and its associated combining.txt file.
  340    This version introduces a subset of Unicode's Supplemental Multilingual
  341    Plane (SMP, or Plane 1).  The file "font/plane01/plane01.hex" contains
  342    a glyph for every visible code point in the Unicode 5.0 SMP except
  343    "Cuneiform" and "Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation"; those two scripts
  344    require more resolution than what will fit within a 16 by 16 pixel grid.
  345    Andrew Miller drew well over 1,000 glyphs for this effort, and added
  346    glyphs for several SMP scripts introduced after Unicode 5.0.
  348    This version also introduces a subset of the ConScript Unicode
  349    Registry (CSUR) Private Use Area glyphs.  Wojciech Stryjewski created
  350    glyphs for Tengwar and Klingon -- Tolkien fans and Trekkies rejoice!
  351    Paul Hardy drew Cirth to finish the Tolkien set, and drew other scripts.
  352    Andrew Miller made very extensive additions for the CSUR; see the
  353    ChangeLog for details.
  355    Finally, this version includes a special PSF font for using APL
  356    in console mode on GNU/Linux.  This PSF font contains 512 glyphs
  357    as a subset of Unifont; it will not work on systems that only
  358    support PSF fonts with 256 glyphs.  This PSF font will support
  359    GNU APL and several other APL implementations.
  361    The names of the font files are as follows:
  363       unifont-*               Font with Unifont Plane 0 glyphs
  365       unifont_sample-*        Font with Unifont glyphs, with combining
  366                               circles added for illustration
  368       unifont_csur-*          Font with glyphs from Unifont plus the
  369                               CSUR PUA glyphs
  371       unifont_upper-*         Font with glyphs from Planes 1 through 14
  373       unifont_upper_csur-*    Font with glyphs from Planes 1 through 15
  375       Unifont-APL8x16.psf.gz  The APL console font
  377 Glyphs for code points U+FFFE and U+FFFF, previously added for illustration
  378 purposes in unifont_sample, were removed because they caused problems on
  379 Microsoft Windows XP.  These glyphs are still included in the large bitmap
  380 graphic of Unifont but are no longer in the font itself.
  382 Many other small changes were made as noted in the ChangeLog file, but
  383 support for glyphs beyond Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane is the most
  384 notable change.
  386 2013-12-21: Release 6.3.2013121
  388    The default font name that hex2bdf creates has changed from
  389    lower-case "unifont" to "Unifont".
  391    FontForge's SetFontNames function calls were removed because
  392    not all applications correctly interpreted their settings.
  393    For example, LibreOffice only listed Unifont by the foundry
  394    name ("GNU") rather than foundry + font name ("GNU Unifont")
  395    or just the font name.  Those calls are only commented out
  396    so they could easily be re-introduced.
  398    Some glyphs were changed for better appearance with APL.
  400 2013-12-17: Release 6.3.20131217
  402    This fixes three bugs:
  404         * doc/Makefile: removed redirection of texi2pdf output.
  405         * font/Makefile: don't modify PCF fonts with FontForge,
  406           which alters them so grub-mkfont can't read them.
  407         * font/ttfsrc/Makefile: remove *.bdf so unifont_sample.bdf
  408           gets deleted.
  410    Also includes a few formatting changes; see ChangeLog.
  412 2013-12-15: Release 6.3.20131215
  414    This version introduces unihex2png and unipng2hex, two Perl scripts
  415    that Andrew Miller wrote based upon Paul Hardy's unihex2bmp.c and
  416    unibmp2hex.c programs.  These new scripts allow conversion between
  417    the Unifont .hex format and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files
  418    for graphical editing.  With this addition, more graphics programs
  419    can be used to edit Unifont glyphs.
  421    unihex2png and unipng2hex also support glyphs that are 24 or 32
  422    pixels tall, in addition to Unifont's default 16 pixels tall.
  423    Roman Czyborra's hexdraw and hex2bdf Perl scripts were modified
  424    to also support glyphs that are 16, 24, or 32 pixels tall.  These
  425    changes have not been fully tested, and at this point are considered
  426    experimental.
  428    There are no plans to add this multi-height support to unihex2bmp.c
  429    and  unibmp2hex.c.
  431    The package now contains a "doc/" directory, with documentation
  432    in Texinfo format.  Files in the "man/" directory were updated
  433    for consistency, especially in noting that all programs are
  434    covered under GPLv2+ now.
  436    In addition to "unifont-*.*" font files, this package now also creates
  437    "unifont_sample-*.*" files.  These "Unifont Sample" fonts contain
  438    combining circles, and four-digit hexadecimal glyphs for unassigned
  439    code points and Private Use Area glyphs.  Because of the inclusion
  440    of combining cirlces, "Unifont Sample" font versions are only intended
  441    for illustrating individual glyphs, not for general-purpose writing.
  442    The two generated fonts are unifont_sample-*.bdf and unifont_sample-*.ttf.
  443    The TTF file contains SBIT glyphs, not outlined TrueType glyphs like
  444    "unifont-*.ttf".
  446    The font versions (BDF, PCF, and TTF) now contain copyright and
  447    version information.  This will help identify outdated versions
  448    of a font in the future.  hex2bdf now accepts a version string and
  449    a copyright string as command line arguments.
  451    To simplify this package supporting two versions of Unifont
  452    ("Unifont" and "Unifont Sample"), hex2bdf now accepts a font name
  453    as a command line argument.  This will streamline adding additional
  454    fonts in the future as part of this same package.  Note that the
  455    old XLFD font name "unifont" has now been capitalized to "Unifont".
  457    Many XLFD properties have been added to the BDF version of Unifont
  458    in addition to font version and copyright XLFD properties.  At least
  459    some of these are carried over to the PCF version during conversion
  460    with bdftopcf.  This has solved an issue with grub-mkfont and FreeType
  461    for converting the PCF font into a GRUB version.
  463    Some glyphs were redrawn: the Capricorn sign, several CJK Radicals
  464    Supplement ideographs, and several Armenian letters.  The Armenian
  465    letters were modified with the new unihex2png and unipng2hex programs.
  467    Further details are in the ChangeLog file.
  469 2013-10-20: Release 6.3.20131020
  471    This is the first release as part of the GNU Project.