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Member "tin-2.4.1/libcanlock/t/hmactest.shouldbe" (28 Aug 2013, 1021 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/tin-2.4.1.tar.gz:

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    1 Key: Jefe
    2 Msg: what do ya want for nothing?
    3 Expected SHA Digest: 0xeffcdf6ae5eb2fa2d27416d5f184df9c259a7c79
    4   Actual SHA Digest: 0xeffcdf6ae5eb2fa2d27416d5f184df9c259a7c79
    6 Key: 0x0b, len 20 for SHA, 16 for MD5
    7 Msg: Hi There
    8 Expected SHA Digest: 0xb617318655057264e28bc0b6fb378c8ef146be00
    9   Actual SHA Digest: 0xb617318655057264e28bc0b6fb378c8ef146be00
   11 Key: 0xaa repeated 80 times
   12 Msg: Test Using Larger Than Block-Size Key - Hash Key First
   13 Expected SHA Digest: 0xaa4ae5e15272d00e95705637ce8a3b55ed402112
   14   Actual SHA Digest: 0xaa4ae5e15272d00e95705637ce8a3b55ed402112
   16 Key: 0xaa repeated 80 times
   17 Msg: Test Using Larger Than Block-Size Key and Larger Than One Block-Size Data
   18 Expected SHA Digest: 0xe8e99d0f45237d786d6bbaa7965c7808bbff1a91
   19   Actual SHA Digest: 0xe8e99d0f45237d786d6bbaa7965c7808bbff1a91
   21 Key: 0x0102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f10111213141516171819
   22 Msg: 0xcd repeated 50 times
   23 Expected SHA Digest: 0x4c9007f4026250c6bc8414f9bf50c86c2d7235da
   24   Actual SHA Digest: 0x4c9007f4026250c6bc8414f9bf50c86c2d7235da