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Member "tin-2.4.1/libcanlock/t/canlocktest.shouldbe" (28 Aug 2013, 766 Bytes) of archive /linux/misc/tin-2.4.1.tar.gz:

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    1 Secret fluffy
    2 Message <lkr905851929.22670@meow.invalid>
    3 SHA Expect Lock/Key:
    4 L sha1:ScU1gyAi9bd/aFEOyzg4m99lwXs= K sha1:C1Me/4n0l/V778Ih3J2UnhAoHrA=
    5 L sha1:ScU1gyAi9bd/aFEOyzg4m99lwXs= K sha1:C1Me/4n0l/V778Ih3J2UnhAoHrA= sha1 OK
    6 ---
    7 Testing against usefor cancel lock draft 01 samples...
    8 L sha1:bNXHc6ohSmeHaRHHW56BIWZJt+4= K sha1:aaaBBBcccDDDeeeFFF sha1 OK
    9 ---above should have been OK---
   10 L SHA1:H7/zsCUemvbvSDyARDaMs6AQu5s= K sha1:chW8hNeDx3iNUsGBU6/ezDk88P4= sha1 OK
   11 L SHA1:H7/zsCUemvbvSDyARDaMs6AQu5s= K sha1:4srkWaRIzvK51ArAP:Hc sha1 no
   12 ---above should have been OK, no---
   13 L sha1:JyEBL4w9/abCBuzCxMIE/E73GM4= K sha1:K4rkWRjRcXmIzvK51ArAP:Jy sha1 OK
   14 L sha1:2Bmg+zWaY1noRiCdy8k3IapwSDU= K sha1:K4rkWRjRcXmIzvK51ArAP:Jy sha1 no
   15 ---above should have been OK, no---