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    2 VERSION 2b:
    4 05 Oct 2003
    5         [No information available]
    7 VERSION 2a:
    9 11 Aug 2003
   10         - Only very minor changes.  The makefile was tweaked slightly
   11           for increased portability, and a typo in lock_strip was fixed.
   13 VERSION 2:
   15 10 Aug 2003
   16         - Replaced the SHA-1 library with the source code from RFC 1374.
   17           The old code had problems on PowerPC that I was too lazy to hunt
   18           down and fix.
   19         - Replaced the ISC version of Base64 with an implementation
   20           produced by Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The
   21           old functions carried a weird patent disclaimer from IBM, while
   22           the new ones use a nice simple non-scary BSD license.
   23         - The md5_key(), md5_lock() and md5_verify() functions have been
   24           removed.  As far as I can tell they weren't being used.
   25         - Added a Makefile instead of the Build thingy.
   26         - Did a bunch of cleanup to get rid of various warnings.