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    2 Changelog
    3 =========
    5 3.2.2      2021-01-07
    6            Bugfix: Header field name is not found by canlock-mhp if there
    7             is another header field for which only the prefix differs (and
    8             that other field is processed first)
    9            Test suite for canlock-mhp parser extended: It now tests headers
   10             larger than 4 KiByte and for the field prefix bug fixed in this
   11             version
   12            Lexer of canlock-hfp has problems to detect T_CTEXT tokens on
   13             HP-UX (relevant only if the header field contains comments).
   14             The syntax of the ERE for T_CTEXT was rewritten to be compatible
   15             with the SysV lex of HP-UX 11.11
   16            Test suite for canlock-hfp parser extended to test comments harder
   17            Namespace clash of internal library functions with libc on NetBSD
   18             Changed internal API function names hmac* to RFC2104Hmac*
   19             Changed internal API function names hkdf* to RFC5869Hkdf*
   20             Library API and ABI are fully compatible if no undocumented
   21             functions are used
   22            libcanlock-3.pc: Changed protocol in URL from http to https
   24 3.2.1      2020-11-28
   25            Bugfix: off-by-one heap buffer overflow fixed in canlock-mhp
   26             (If header is larger than 4 KiByte. Found by Valgrind)
   27            Bugfix: canlock-mhp end of header detection fixed
   28             (Found by test suite on openSUSE. Reported by Martin Hauke)
   30 3.2.0      2020-05-11
   31            Support for pkg-config with option "--enable-pc-files" added
   32             (Default behaviour is unchanged). This option installs the
   33             pkg-config file "libcanlock-3.pc". The standard option
   34             "--with-pkgconfigdir" can be used to specify the target directory
   35            Shared library no longer exports internal symbols, if possible
   36             (using #pragma GCC visibility). Library API and ABI are fully
   37             compatible if no undocumented functions are used.
   38            Build system: Distributed autotools files updated
   40 3.1.1      2019-12-29
   41            Bugfix: Potential buffer overflows in code from RFC6234 fixed.
   42             Related code is used for test suite only, installed library and
   43             utilities are not affected (Reported by Florian Schlichting)
   44            Build system: Makefile rules fixed that use DIST_SUBDIRS variable
   45            src/canlock.c: Fixed typo in comment (Reported by Urs Janssen)
   47 3.1.0      2019-01-26
   48            Merged canlock-hp into libcanlock package (now tracking the version
   49             number of the libcanlock package)
   50            Configure option "--disable-hp" added (Default is set to build
   51             canlock-hp, use this option to get the behaviour from 3.0.x)
   52            Manual page of canlock-hfp utility updated
   53            Library API and ABI are unchanged
   55 3.0.3      2018-12-05
   56            Build system fixed for cross build (Patch suggested by Helmut Grohne,
   57             modified to work on macOS)
   59 3.0.2      2018-08-18
   60            Configure option "--disable-legacy-api" added (Default behaviour is
   61             unchanged)
   62            Test suite updated:
   63             API test 5 with <clue-string> removed (Obsolete since 20 years)
   64             API test 8 with unknown <scheme> added
   65             API test 9 with <scheme> mismatch added
   66            Manual page of canlock utility updated
   68 3.0.1      2018-03-16
   69            Man page section numbers fixed (Patch from Florian Schlichting)
   70            Minimum required automake version set to 1.11.6 (there is a security
   71             vulnerability in 1.11.5)
   73 3.0.0      2018-01-17
   74            API for arbitrary hash algorithm added (Written by Dennis Preiser)
   75            Support for SHA2 added (Using code from RFC6234 section 8)
   76            SHA1 implementation replaced (Using code from RFC6234 section 8)
   77            Function to overwrite secret data in memory added
   78            Command line utility added
   79            Test program for new API added
   80            Test program for SHA implementation replaced
   81            New portable build system added (Based on GNU autotools)
   82            Man pages added
   83            Release version scheme changed
   86 EOF