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    1 short descriptions of files in the tools-directory
    3 tinews.pl
    4         a perl script that can be used as an inews replacement if posting via
    5         NNTP. the main purpose of this script is to automatically sign
    6         posted/mailed articles via pgp or gpg. besides the autosigning
    7         feature it takes care about Cc: and Bcc: lines in news-postings
    8         and adds a Posted-And-Mailed: header if necessary.
   10 w2r.pl
   11 	is a small perl script that turns a wildmat filter file
   12 	into a regexp filter file (don't forget to set wildmat= in tinrc
   13 	accordingly)
   14 	usage:
   15 	w2r.pl < wildmat-filter-file > regexp-filter-file
   17 opt-case.pl
   18 	is a small perl script that tries to opt out case insensitive
   19 	regexp, it will put a comment above each line it touched.
   20 	usage:
   21 	opt-case.pl < regexp-filter-file > regexp-filter-file-case
   23 	w2r.pl and opt-case.pl might be used together, i.e:
   24 	w2r.pl < wildmat-filter-file | opt-case.pl > regexp-filter-file-case
   26 tinlock
   27 	is a small shell script that creates a lockfile before starting
   28 	tin to avoid multiple copies of tin running, when tin exits cleanly
   29 	the lockfile is removed; tinlock will warn about suspicious
   30 	locks/deadlocks. tinlock is kind of NFS safe.
   31 	usage:
   32 	tinlock [tin-cmdline-args]
   34 metamutt
   35 	is a small shell script to replace metamail, set
   36 	metamail_prog=metamutt in tin and till will pass multipart
   37 	MIME-articles to metamutt instead of metamail. metamutt will pass
   38 	the article to mutt (a mail client with an excellent MIME-parser).
   39 	this might become obsolete as tin now has a small (and unfinished)
   40 	built in MIME-parser, set metamail_prog=--internal to use the built
   41 	in version.
   43 url_handler.sh
   44 	is a shell script (need to be placed in $PATH) which passes the URL
   45 	selected by the 'U' command to a related viewer/application. this
   46 	one is very basic.
   48 url_handler.pl
   49 	is a perl script (need to be placed in $PATH) which passes the URL
   50 	selected by the 'U' command to a related viewer/application. the
   51 	perl version has full $BROWSER support.
   53 expiretover
   54 	is a small shell script to expire old tin overview files. if you use
   55 	cache_overview_files=ON in your tinrc you might want to run this
   56 	script regularly (e.g. once a day from cron) to purge old overview
   57 	files.