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    1 New features and changes since tin-2.2.0
    3 New features
    4 ------------
    5 - simplified Chinese translation
    6 - handle RFC 2231 parameter value continuation
    7 - skip over RFC 2231 language parameters
    8 - RFC 2231 decoding of non us-ascii MIME-parameter values
    9 - options to color external quotes (extquote_handling, extquote_regex,
   10   col_extquote)
   11 - LookupMessage ('L') in select level if reading via NNTP
   12 - filter articles based on Path, see doc/filtering for details
   14 Changes
   15 -------
   16 The gTLD list is no longer actively maintained (too many new gTLD recently),
   17 disable_gnksa_domain_check=OFF might result in false positives.
   19 --enable-heapsort is now default during configure (sort_function in tinrc
   20 still needs to be set accordingly if you like to use heapsort instead of
   21 qsort)
   23 --enable-ipv6 is now default during configure
   25 --enable-break-long-lines is now default during configure
   27 sigfile=!/path/to/command no longer passes the name of the current
   28 newsgroup to command. One can specify %G which will be replaced by
   29 the name of the current newsgroup to match the old behaviour:
   30 'sigfile=!/path/to/command %G'.
   32 --enable-cancel-locks requires libcanlock-3 (which is included, but
   33 some distros (e.g. debian) are linking against a shared lib which may
   34 be too old).
   36 "make install" no longer strips the tin binary
   38 Retired Features
   39 ----------------
   40 . groupname_max_length, can now be set via user defined screen layout at
   41   select level