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    1 Using the -D 8 switch to get threading information
    2 --------------------------------------------------------
    4 This file is of use to people wishing to submit bug reports related to
    5 threading within Tin.
    6 If you are unable to compile/link Tin yourself, this information will be
    7 of no use to you.
    9 If Tin crashes whilst trying to thread, or you think it has incorrectly
   10 threaded a group, then the following instructions will create dump
   11 files which may help identify the problem.
   13 Warning: The output may be large. A big (~2000 article) group can produce
   14 in the order of .5Mb of output. It is much more useful if problems
   15 can be reproduced in groups with as few articles as possible.
   17 1) Recompile Tin with DEBUG enabled.
   18 2) Start Tin as
   20    ./tin -D 8
   22 3) If the problem only occurs when entering a group, enter the group in
   23    question. Make sure the first group you enter is the one causing the
   24    problem.
   26 4) Quit Tin.
   28 You should now have two files, Refs.info and Refs.dump
   30 Submit these two files with information on what you think the problem is
   31 (if it isn't already obvious), such as:
   33 a) The Subject line of the thread causing the problem
   34 b) Does the problem occur only in certain threading modes
   36 The .overview file from the offending newsgroup would be of great help too.
   38 J. Faultless (04/04/97)