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    1 -- 2.4.5 release 20201224 "Glen Albyn" --
    3  022) Dennis Preiser <dennis@d--p.de>
    4       BUG. 'B'ody and '/'article search with wildcard matching (wildcard=0)
    5            didn't work
    6       BUG. convert_tex2iso with UTF-8 as local charset did map "O to wrong
    7            char
    8       BUG. missing termination of conversion table for convert_tex2iso
    9       BUG. avoid possible endless loop in search_group
   10       BUG. tin_ltoa in some cases returned an error where it shouldn't
   11       BUG. 'T'ag all parts of multipart message didn't work with thread_arts
   12            4 (multipart) or 5 (percentage)
   13       BUG. hung on empty (lone '.') positive (220) response to ARTICLE command
   14       ADD. make {Group,Thread}TagParts 'T' toggle like 't'ag
   15       ADD. don't show mime parse error for missing end marker if not running
   16            in debug mode
   17       ADD. increase hash-table sizes
   18       ADD. speed up multipart threading
   19       ADD. multipart tagging ThreadTagParts 'T' to thread level
   20       ADD. reduce memory usage by struct reordering to avoid padding
   21       ADD. GNKSA_MISSING_REALNAME return code for filtering
   22       REM. redundant conde
   23       FIX. art.c, charset.c, group.c, hashstr.c, help.c, keymap.c, lang.c
   24            misc.c, page.c, refs.c, rfc2046.c, screen.c, search.c, string.c
   25            tags.c, thread.c, wildmat.c, extern.h, keymap.h, proto.h, tin.h
   26            tin.[15]
   28  021) Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>
   29       ADD. update configure macros
   30       ADD. fallback to the bundled pcre if required
   31       ADD. prefer systemwide libcanlock over bundled one
   32       FIX. aclocal.m4, configure[.in], Makefile.[in], tin.h
   34  020) Urs Janssen <urs@tin.org>
   35       ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
   36       ADD. document strip_re_regex, strip_was_regex and col_message in manpage
   37       ADD. configure check for fchmod(2) and fallback to chmod(2) if system
   38            lacks it (e.g. Interactive UNIX)
   39       ADD. speed up filter on Path:-header
   40       ADD. allow abortion of subject/author search in group level
   41       ADD. allow abortion of filtering
   42       ADD. raise default max length for numbers in prompts from 6 to 10 digits
   43       ADD. restrict multipart detection to messages with more than 1 part
   44       ADD. show an error message if append_mail() fails
   45       ADD. allow path for posted_articles_file
   46       ADD. document gnksa-parser return codes in tin(5)
   47       ADD. center_line() now does BiDi
   48       ADD. don't fail on GNKSA_MISSING_REALNAME when posting
   49       ADD. GNKSA_RANGLE_MISSING (104) error code to gnksa-filter
   50       BUG. when $TIN_INDEX_NEWSDIR was used INDEX_NEWSDIR was
   51            automatically appended to the string, but for the '-I' cmd.line it
   52            wasn't, now '-I' behaves exactly like $TIN_INDEX_NEWSDIR
   53       REM. redundant condition
   54       FIX. art.c, attrib.c, config.c, debug.c, filter.c, getline.c, inews.c
   55            init.c, lang.c, main.c, makecfg.c, memory.c, misc.c, newsrc.c
   56            nrctbl.c, options_menu.c, post.c, read.c, save.c, screen.c
   57            search.c, tags.c, thread.c, tmpfile.c, extern.h, proto.h, tin.h
   58            tin.[15], configure[.in], autoconf.h[in], config.guess, config.sub
   59            en_GB.po, keymap.sample
   61  019) Matt Anton <tin@lv223.org>
   62       ADD. updated french translation
   63       FIX. fr.po
   65  018) Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
   66       ADD. updated estonian translation
   67       FIX. et.po
   69 -- 2.4.4 release 20191224 "Millburn" --
   71  017) Dennis Grevenstein <dennis.grevenstein@gmail.com>
   72       ADD. FD_*-fallback for SunOS-3.5
   73       FIX. missing_fd.h
   75  016) Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>
   76       ADD. update configure macros - use xpg3 instead of xpg4 case-statements
   77       FIX. aclocal.m4, configure[.in]
   79  015) Dennis Preiser <dennis@d--p.de>
   80       BUG. 'L'ookupMessageID in select-level could crash if 1st group
   81            in newsrc is marked bogus
   82       BUG. memleak in thread_by_multipart
   83       FIX. active.c, art.c, tin.5
   85  014) Urs Janssen <urs@tin.org>
   86       BUG. sigfile attribute with a command ("sigfile=!") would append %G
   87            on {ATTRIBUTES,TINRC}_VERSION increase even if already present.
   88       BUG. tinrc normalization_form=5 (NFKC_CF) setting was lost on restart
   89       BUG. quote_chars with multiple '%s' lead to a crash
   90       BUG. memleak with stray comments (no scope) in filter file
   91       ADD. tweak is_art_tex_encoded to allow text umlauts at the beginning
   92            of a line
   93       ADD. turned '%s'/'%S' in quote_chars (for initials) into '%I' to be
   94            consistent with other occurrences
   95       ADD. repost ('x') now takes mailing_list attribute into account
   96       ADD. repost prolog looked ugly in multibyte env. if multibyte chars
   97            were quoted in the prolog
   98       ADD. disallow supersedes in mailgroups
   99       ADD. fix handrolled strcasestr() to cast returned value
  100            (required for cray-unicos cc)
  101       ADD. configure check for working tolower(), toupper()
  102            (required for sony-newsos3)
  103       ADD. configure check for h_addr_list in struct hostent
  104            (required for sun-sunos3.5)
  105       ADD. CF_TYPE_FD_SET and CF_CHECK_FD_SET configure checks from
  106            Thomas E. Dickey
  107       ADD. fixup autoconf missdetections for *-next-{nextstep,openstep}*
  109       ADD. determine mailbox_name just once
  110       ADD. switched tinrc.confirm_choice from string to int
  111       ADD. invoke_metamail() without piping
  112       ADD. %P expansion (groupname with '.' replaced by '/') in _strfpath()
  113       ADD. check for gcc >= 2.6 to use __attribute__((unused))
  114       ADD. GLOBAL_BUGREPORT ('R') to 'M'enu and attachment menu
  115       ADD. normalize subject for threading
  116       ADD. xref and path to debug filter output if set and hide subject,
  117            from and msgid if unset
  118       ADD. article headers and body to very verbose nntp debug (-D 1 -vv) log
  119       ADD. score, gnksa and lines to arts debug output for killed articles
  120       REM. dead code (NEW_HASH_METHOD, gl_init_done, OSNAME, redundant
  121            conditions)
  122       REM. non M_UNIX and __BEOS__ code
  123       ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
  124       FIX. active.c, art.c, attrib.c, charset.c, config.c, cook.c, curses.c
  125            debug.c, feed.c, filter.c, getline.c, header.c, inews.c, init.c
  126            keymap.c, lang.c, list.c, makecfg.c, main.c, mimetypes.c, misc.c
  127            newsrc.c, nntplib.c, nrctbl.c, options_menu.c, page.c, post.c
  128            prompt.c, read.c, rfc2046.c, rfc2047.c, save.c, screen.c, select.c
  129            sigfile.c, signal.c, string.c, version.c, xref.c, bugrep.h, extern.h
  130            proto.h, tin.h, tnntp.h, version.h, parsdate.y, Makefile[.in]
  131            config.guess, config.sub, configure[.in], autoconf.hin, tin.1, tin.5
  133  013) Toomas Soome <tsoome@me.com>
  134       ADD. updated estonian translation
  135       FIX. et.po
  137 -- 2.4.3 release 20181224 "Glen Mhor" --
  139  012) Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>
  140       ADD. update configure macros
  141       ADD. check for va_copy() for pre C99 systems
  142       FIX. aclocal.m4, configure[.in], autoconf.h[in], tin.h, memory.c
  143            screen.c, string.c, tcurses.c
  145  011) Francisco Javier Serrador <fserrador@gmail.com>
  146       ADD. spanish translation
  147       FIX. es.po
  149  010) Matt Anton <tin@lv223.org>
  150       ADD. updated french translation
  151       FIX. fr.po
  153  009) Dennis Preiser <dennis@d--p.de>
  154       BUG. ensure destination of match_string() is NULL terminated
  155       BUG. possible buffer overflows with long translations
  156       BUG. fixed length buffer in rfc1522_decode() may overflow
  157       ADD. don't idna_decode() strings which are not IDNA encoded
  158       ADD. ability to filter on Path:-header
  159       FIX. art.c, config.c, feed.c, filter.c, getline.c, help.c, lang.c
  160            main.c, memory.c, nntplib.c, page.c, rfc2047.c, save.c, screen.c
  161            extern.h, nntplib.h, proto.h, tin.h, tin.5
  163  008) Urs Janssen <urs@tin.org>
  164       ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
  165       ADD. checks for explicit_bzero(), explicit_memset(), memset_s()
  166       ADD. check for unicode/unorm2.h to favor unorm2_normalize() over
  167            unorm_normalize() if found
  168       ADD. NFKC_case_fold normalization if unicode/unorm2.h is found
  169       ADD. don't strip binary with "make install"
  170       ADD. match_string()/match_item() now stop on first '\n'
  171       ADD. don't show broken active file messages if not running with -D 1
  172       ADD. accept arbitrary line length in mail.active file
  173       ADD. allow (multiple) -v for debug mode
  174       ADD. honor NDEBUG in assert() replacement
  175       BUG. possible buffer overflow when prompting for a wildcard search
  176            pattern in get_search_pattern()
  177       BUG. possible buffer overflows with long translations
  178       BUG. pointer arithmetic with possible NULL pointer
  179       BUG. didn't recheck CAPABILITIES after auth
  180       BUG. transport-padding on mime boundaries wasn't ignored
  181       BUG. get_group_from_list() used in 'L'lookup_msgid() couldn't handle
  182            FWS as of RFC 5536 3.1.4.
  184       ADD. remove some redundant assigns
  185       ADD. switch from autoconf-2.13.20110430 to autoconf-2.52.20181006
  186       ADD. be more verbose on connections errors when get_tcp6_socket()
  187            is used (debian bug #232924)
  188       FIX. active.c, art.c, auth.c, config.c, cook.c, debug.c, feed.c
  189            getline.c, group.c, header.c, help.c, init.c, keymap.c, lang.c
  190            list.c, mail.c, main.c, misc.c, newsrc.c, nntplib.c, options_menu.c
  191            page.c, post.c, read.c, rfc1524.c, rfc2045.c, rfc2046.c, rfc2047.c
  192            save.c, search.c, screen.c, select.c, signal.c, sigfile.c
  193            strftime.c, string.c, extern.h, proto.h, tin.h, config.guess
  194            config.sub, aclocal.m4, configure[.in], autoconf.h[in]
  195            Makefile[.in], tin.1, tin.5
  197 -- 2.4.2 release 20171224 "Lochhead" --
  199  007) Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>
  200       ADD. update configure macros
  201       FIX. aclocal.m4, configure[.in]
  203  006) Mesutcan Kurt <mesutcank@gmail.com>
  204       ADD. updated turkish translation
  205       FIX. tr.po
  207  005) Dennis Preiser <dennis@d--p.de>
  208       ADD. cancel_lock_algo config option
  209       ADD. sha256 and sha512 as possible algorithms for cancel_locks
  210       ADD. sigfile=!command no longer passes the name of the current
  211            newsgroup to command, but %G is replaced by groupname if
  212            specified
  213       ADD. remove sleep(1) from unshar loop
  214       BUG. possible buffer overrun in rfc1522_decode()
  215       BUG. wildcard search doesn't advance past a match in a line for a
  216            subsequent search
  217       BUG. last line in the info_pager (help, posting-history) lacked
  218            truncation
  219       BUG. quoted pairs in CFWS were not ignored
  220       ADD. cleanup
  221       FIX. attrib.c, config.c, inews.c, init.c, lang.c, options_menu.c, page.c
  222            post.c, regex.c, rfc2045.c, rfc2046.c, rfc2047.c, save.c, sigfile.c
  223            string.c, wildmat.c, tincfg.tbl, extern.h, tinrc.h, version.h
  224            libcanlock/*, tin.1, tin.5
  226  004) Joe Hansen <joedalton2@yahoo.dk>
  227       ADD. updated danish translation
  228       FIX. da.po
  230  003) Urs Janssen <urs@tin.org>
  231       BUG. possible NULL dereference when IDNA-decoding with libicuuc
  232       BUG. possible NULL dereference with -D 4
  233       BUG. possible use of uninitialized variable in debug output
  234       BUG. posting history screen failed to use additional space
  235            if window was widened
  236       BUG. 2nd arg of tin_getline() is int not bool
  237       BUG. multibyte input to prompts was grabbled if using ncurses but not
  238            ncursesw
  239       ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
  240       ADD. adjust argument names to be the same in declaration and definition
  241       ADD. install rtin.5 manpage
  242       ADD. skip group query for -w if group was given on the cmd.-line
  243       ADD. remove redundant return statement at the end of void functions
  244       ADD. tweak MAIL_REGEX to not capture a tailing ')'
  245       ADD. use uidna_nameToUnicode() instead of uidna_IDNToUnicode() if
  246            linked against ICU >=4.6
  247       FIX. art.c, attrib.c, auth.c, charset.c, config.c, curses.c, feed.c
  248            filter.c, group.c, help.c, keymap.c, lang.c, main.c, mimetypes.c
  249            misc.c, newsrc.c, nntplib.c, pgp.c, post.c, prompt.c, refs.c
  250            rfc2047.c, save.c, screen.c, select.c, tcurses.c, thread.c, proto.h
  251            tin.h, Makefile[.in], configure[.in], autoconf.h[in], config.guess
  252            config.sub, tin.1, tin.5
  254 -- 2.4.1 release 20161224 "Daill" --
  256  002) Dennis Preiser <dennis@d--p.de>
  257       BUG. reconnection problem if started with '-n' and multiple
  258            "LIST COUNTS grp1,grp2,..." were sent
  259       BUG. overlapping strcpy(3)/wcscpy(3)
  260       FIX. getline.c, select.c
  262  001) Urs Janssen <urs@tin.org>
  263       ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
  264       ADD. clarify ternary condition
  265       BUG. logic error when connecting to a server in transit mode forced
  266            user to auth even if server didn't request it
  267       BUG. resource leak in post_process_uud() and parse_rfc2045_article()
  268       BUG. possible nullpointer dereferenced when running out of memory in
  269            makecfg (during compilation)
  270       BUG. memleak if using libunistring for unicode normalization
  271       FIX. active.c, art.c, auth.c, config.c, feed.c, group.c, makecfg.c
  272            misc.c, nntplib.c, post.c, rfc2046.c, save.c, select.c, string.c
  273            config.guess, config.sub, tin.5
  275 -- 2.4.0 release 20160823 "Octomore" --
  277 For changes made till the 2.4.0 release look at CHANGES.old