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    1 Quick Install:
    3 configure to your local setup (have a look at):
    4 	./configure --help (or ./conf-tin)
    6 check your local setup in:
    7 	include/autoconf.h
    9 compile with:
   10 	make build (or cd src && make)
   12 install with:
   13 	make install
   15 Install and use at your own risk.
   17 For a more detailed description of all the configure options read
   18 doc/INSTALL.
   20 Note that tin requires a valid fully qualified domain name for the host
   21 you are running tin on. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A HOST NAME WITH A VALID DOMAIN
   22 GO AND GET ONE AND CONFIGURE YOUR HOST -- NOW! (This will prevent problems
   23 with other software, too.) Otherwise users may get "Invalid Sender" error
   24 messages and won't be able to post using the internal inews.
   26 As the included pcre library is slightly outdated linking against a newer
   27 version is recommended (configure --with-pcre ; see doc/INSTALL for details).
   29 Before mailing a bug-report to tin-bugs@tin.org please check if you are
   30 using the latest (stable) release, and if not, please upgrade first! Have a
   31 look at the doc/TODO file for known bugs. If you still think you've found a
   32 bug, please use the mail_bugreport function (shift-R) and write in English.
   33 Please do NOT enclose a core-file in your bugreport until we request it.
   35 The latest release is available at:
   36 <ftp://ftp.tin.org/pub/news/clients/tin/current/>
   37 or its mirrors.
   39 If you have additional questions or would like to be informed about the
   40 latest new features/version you may subscribe to the (developers) tin
   41 mailing lists via <http://lists.tin.org/> and/or read news.software.readers.