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    1 Version 0.6:
    2     Added the <waitfor> command.
    3     Added the "msg" attribute to <echo>.
    4     Added the "interpolation" attribute to <echo>.
    5     Removed the "gc" options from pattern matches (no more \G).
    8 Version 0.5:
   10 WARNING: The <warn/> tag was changed to <onmatch/> because
   11 of the addition of nested tags.  The behaviour is exactly
   12 the same, so it is safe to change every occurence of
   13 "<warn " to "<onmatch " in your configuration files.
   15 NOTE: You can now send log lines to <exec>'d commands,
   16 by using the form
   17     <exec sendline="true" cmdline="..." />
   18 in case you'd like to do more processing on the line.