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Apache Tika JAX-RS Server



$ java -jar tika-server/target/tika-server.jar --help
   usage: tikaserver
    -?,--help           this help message
    -h,--host <arg>     host name (default = localhost)
    -l,--log <arg>      request URI log level ('debug' or 'info')
    -p,--port <arg>     listen port (default = 9998)
    -s,--includeStack   whether or not to return a stack trace
                        if there is an exception during 'parse'

Running via Docker

Assuming you have Docker installed, you can build you own local image using the:

mvn dockerfile:build

The image will be named apache/tika with the tag being the version being built. For example, building Apache Tika Server 1.17 will result in an image of apache/tika-server:1.17

You can then run this image by executing the following, replacing 1.17 with your build version:

docker run -d -p 9998:9998 apache/tika-server:1.17

This will load Apache Tika Server and expose its interface on:



Usage examples from command line with curl utility:

HTTP Return Codes

200 - Ok
204 - No content (for example when we are unpacking file without attachments)
415 - Unknown file type
422 - Unparsable document of known type (password protected documents and unsupported versions like Biff5 Excel)
500 - Internal error