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The TiGL Viewer

The TiGL Viewer is a 3D viewer for CPACS geometries. In addition, it also allows opening standard CAD file formats like IGES, STEP and BREP. Historically, TiGL Viewer was created as a TiGL debugging tool to visualize the modeled geometries.

@image html images/tiglviewer-web.jpg “The TiGL Viewer showing a CPACS model of the D 150 aircraft” @image latex images/tiglviewer.png “The TiGL Viewer showing a CPACS model of the D 150 aircraft” width=8cm

Features of TiGL Viewer

@section navigation Navigation in the 3D view

The most often used navigation functions are included in the tool bar

@image html images/tiglviewer-navigation.png @image latex images/tiglviewer-navigation.pdf “The navigation panel” width=11cm

Here, one can use

More functions can be found in the “View” menu.

@section shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts

All actions in the TiGL Viewer can be accessed using the application menu or the context menu inside the 3D view. To improve usability, some the actions can also be executed with keyboard shortcuts. The most practical ones are:

Basic actions | Keys | Action | |:——:|:—————————-| | Ctrl+O | open file | | Ctrl+S | save file | | Ctrl+Q | close program |

Change view

Keys Action
1 Front view
2 Back view
3 Top view
4 Bottom view
5 Left view
6 Right view
Ctrl-D Axonometric view
+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
Ctrl-W Toggle display of wireframe
Alt-C Toggle display of console
Ctrl-E Enable zoom mode
Ctrl-T Enable pan view mode
Ctrl-R Enable rotate view mode
Ctrl-A Fits all objects into view
Ctrl-G Toggle display of grid

@section settings The Settings

The settings dialog allows some customization of the visualization of objects and the export of meshes. It is opened by clicking on File -> Settings.

Display Settings

@image html images/tiglviewer_displaysettings.jpg @image latex images/tiglviewer_displaysettings.jpg “The display settings dialog” width=7cm


@image html images/tiglviewer_debugging.jpg @image latex images/tiglviewer_debugging.jpg “The debugging dialog” width=7cm

@section custom Graphics Customization

The rendering off all geometrical objects can be be customized to some extends. In order modify some rendered objects, select the objects of interest and press the right mouse button inside the 3D view. The following actions are available: * Setting the material (which affects the shading behavior) * Setting the object color and transparency * Toggle between wireframe and shading rendering

@image html images/tiglviewer-shading-web.jpg “Different shading settings (textured, plastic blue, wireframe)” @image latex images/tiglviewer-shading.png “Different shading settings (textured, plastic blue, wireframe)” width=12cm

@section mobile Mobile platforms

A simplified version of the TiGL Viewer is also available for mobile devices based on Android. It can be downloaded from the Google play store.

@image html images/tiglviewer-android-web.jpg “The TiGL Viewer App for Android” @image latex images/tiglviewer-android.png “The TiGL Viewer App for Android” width=9cm