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    1 										-*- text -*-
    2 poppler-data
    4 This package consists of encoding files for use with poppler.  The
    5 encoding files are optional and poppler will automatically read them
    6 if they are present.  When installed, the encoding files enables
    7 poppler to correctly render CJK and Cyrrilic properly.  While poppler
    8 is licensed under the GPL, these encoding files have different license, 
    9 and thus distributed separately.
   11 All the Makefile does is install the data files, so autotools seemed a
   12 bit overkill.  There is no ./configure file, all there is to do is to
   13 say 'make install'.  To override the install destinations, specify
   14 prefix, datadir, pkgdatadir or DESTDIR at 'make install' time as
   15 desired.  For example:
   17 	$ make install datadir=/usr DESTDIR=/tmp/buildroot-xyz2000
   19 will install the files under /usr/share/poppler in a temporary build
   20 root.
   22                                                 Kristian Høgsberg <krh@redhat.com>
   23                                                 Updated by: Albert Astals Cid <aacid@kde.org>