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    2 To compile and install TeXstudio, write:
    3 qmake texstudio.pro
    4 make
    5 make install
    8 On Unix and MacOSX you can also use:
    9 sudo sh BUILD.sh
   11 (you only need to use sudo if you want to install it system-wide)
   15 Requirements : 
   16 * Qt tool kit (www.trolltech.com) (4.4.3 recommended)
   17 * Poppler for the internal pdf preview 
   18   (can be disabled with the BUILD.sh script, or by passing NO_POPPLER_PREVIEW=true to qmake)
   19 * Phonon to view videos in the pdf preview 
   20   (only needed if PHONON=true is passed to qmake, or it is enabled with BUILD.sh)
   21 * Ghostscript for the LaTeX to html conversion command.
   23 If poppler/phonon are in non standard directories, you may need to pass the INCLUDEPATH=<your path> LIBS=<your path> options to qmake/BUILD.sh