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Member "texmaker-5.0.4/pdfium/core/fpdfapi/fpdf_cmaps/Japan1/90msp-RKSJ-V_2.cpp" (16 Apr 2017, 2330 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/texmaker-5.0.4.tar.bz2:

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    1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
    2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
    3 // found in the LICENSE file.
    5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc. http://www.foxitsoftware.com
    7 #include "core/fpdfapi/fpdf_cmaps/Japan1/cmaps_japan1.h"
    9 const uint16_t g_FXCMAP_90msp_RKSJ_V_2[78 * 3] = {
   10     0x8141, 0x8142, 0x1ECF, 0x8143, 0x8143, 0x204C, 0x8144, 0x8144, 0x2052,
   11     0x8150, 0x8151, 0x1ED1, 0x815B, 0x815D, 0x1ED3, 0x8160, 0x8164, 0x1ED6,
   12     0x8169, 0x817A, 0x1EDB, 0x8181, 0x8181, 0x1EED, 0x81A8, 0x81A8, 0x02E3,
   13     0x81A9, 0x81A9, 0x02E2, 0x81AA, 0x81AB, 0x02E0, 0x81AC, 0x81AC, 0x204E,
   14     0x829F, 0x829F, 0x1EEE, 0x82A1, 0x82A1, 0x1EEF, 0x82A3, 0x82A3, 0x1EF0,
   15     0x82A5, 0x82A5, 0x1EF1, 0x82A7, 0x82A7, 0x1EF2, 0x82C1, 0x82C1, 0x1EF3,
   16     0x82E1, 0x82E1, 0x1EF4, 0x82E3, 0x82E3, 0x1EF5, 0x82E5, 0x82E5, 0x1EF6,
   17     0x82EC, 0x82EC, 0x1EF7, 0x8340, 0x8340, 0x1EF8, 0x8342, 0x8342, 0x1EF9,
   18     0x8344, 0x8344, 0x1EFA, 0x8346, 0x8346, 0x1EFB, 0x8348, 0x8348, 0x1EFC,
   19     0x8362, 0x8362, 0x1EFD, 0x8383, 0x8383, 0x1EFE, 0x8385, 0x8385, 0x1EFF,
   20     0x8387, 0x8387, 0x1F00, 0x838E, 0x838E, 0x1F01, 0x8395, 0x8396, 0x1F02,
   21     0x849F, 0x849F, 0x1D39, 0x84A0, 0x84A0, 0x1D37, 0x84A1, 0x84A1, 0x1D47,
   22     0x84A2, 0x84A2, 0x1D4F, 0x84A3, 0x84A3, 0x1D4B, 0x84A4, 0x84A4, 0x1D43,
   23     0x84A5, 0x84A5, 0x1D63, 0x84A6, 0x84A6, 0x1D5B, 0x84A7, 0x84A7, 0x1D6B,
   24     0x84A8, 0x84A8, 0x1D53, 0x84A9, 0x84A9, 0x1D73, 0x84AA, 0x84AA, 0x1D3A,
   25     0x84AB, 0x84AB, 0x1D38, 0x84AC, 0x84AC, 0x1D4A, 0x84AD, 0x84AD, 0x1D52,
   26     0x84AE, 0x84AE, 0x1D4E, 0x84AF, 0x84AF, 0x1D46, 0x84B0, 0x84B0, 0x1D6A,
   27     0x84B1, 0x84B1, 0x1D62, 0x84B2, 0x84B2, 0x1D72, 0x84B3, 0x84B3, 0x1D5A,
   28     0x84B4, 0x84B4, 0x1D82, 0x84B5, 0x84B5, 0x1D66, 0x84B6, 0x84B6, 0x1D5F,
   29     0x84B7, 0x84B7, 0x1D6E, 0x84B8, 0x84B8, 0x1D57, 0x84B9, 0x84B9, 0x1D79,
   30     0x84BA, 0x84BA, 0x1D67, 0x84BB, 0x84BB, 0x1D5C, 0x84BC, 0x84BC, 0x1D6F,
   31     0x84BD, 0x84BD, 0x1D54, 0x84BE, 0x84BE, 0x1D76, 0x875F, 0x8760, 0x1F04,
   32     0x8761, 0x8761, 0x2089, 0x8762, 0x8762, 0x1F07, 0x8763, 0x8763, 0x2093,
   33     0x8764, 0x8764, 0x1F09, 0x8765, 0x8765, 0x2092, 0x8766, 0x8767, 0x1F0B,
   34     0x8768, 0x8768, 0x2098, 0x8769, 0x876A, 0x1F0E, 0x876B, 0x876B, 0x209C,
   35     0x876C, 0x876D, 0x1F11, 0x876E, 0x876E, 0x209D, 0x8780, 0x8781, 0x1F14,
   36 };