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    1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
    2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
    3 // found in the LICENSE file.
    5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc. http://www.foxitsoftware.com
    7 #include "core/fpdfapi/fpdf_cmaps/Japan1/cmaps_japan1.h"
    9 const uint16_t g_FXCMAP_90ms_RKSJ_H_2[171 * 3] = {
   10     0x0020, 0x007D, 0x00E7, 0x007E, 0x007E, 0x0277, 0x00A0, 0x00DF, 0x0146,
   11     0x8140, 0x817E, 0x0279, 0x8180, 0x81AC, 0x02B8, 0x81B8, 0x81BF, 0x02E5,
   12     0x81C8, 0x81CE, 0x02ED, 0x81DA, 0x81E8, 0x02F4, 0x81F0, 0x81F7, 0x0303,
   13     0x81FC, 0x81FC, 0x030B, 0x824F, 0x8258, 0x030C, 0x8260, 0x8279, 0x0316,
   14     0x8281, 0x829A, 0x0330, 0x829F, 0x82F1, 0x034A, 0x8340, 0x837E, 0x039D,
   15     0x8380, 0x8396, 0x03DC, 0x839F, 0x83B6, 0x03F3, 0x83BF, 0x83D6, 0x040B,
   16     0x8440, 0x8460, 0x0423, 0x8470, 0x847E, 0x0444, 0x8480, 0x8491, 0x0453,
   17     0x849F, 0x849F, 0x1D37, 0x84A0, 0x84A0, 0x1D39, 0x84A1, 0x84A1, 0x1D43,
   18     0x84A2, 0x84A2, 0x1D47, 0x84A3, 0x84A3, 0x1D4F, 0x84A4, 0x84A4, 0x1D4B,
   19     0x84A5, 0x84A5, 0x1D53, 0x84A6, 0x84A6, 0x1D63, 0x84A7, 0x84A7, 0x1D5B,
   20     0x84A8, 0x84A8, 0x1D6B, 0x84A9, 0x84A9, 0x1D73, 0x84AA, 0x84AA, 0x1D38,
   21     0x84AB, 0x84AB, 0x1D3A, 0x84AC, 0x84AC, 0x1D46, 0x84AD, 0x84AD, 0x1D4A,
   22     0x84AE, 0x84AE, 0x1D52, 0x84AF, 0x84AF, 0x1D4E, 0x84B0, 0x84B0, 0x1D5A,
   23     0x84B1, 0x84B1, 0x1D6A, 0x84B2, 0x84B2, 0x1D62, 0x84B3, 0x84B3, 0x1D72,
   24     0x84B4, 0x84B4, 0x1D82, 0x84B5, 0x84B5, 0x1D57, 0x84B6, 0x84B6, 0x1D66,
   25     0x84B7, 0x84B7, 0x1D5F, 0x84B8, 0x84B8, 0x1D6E, 0x84B9, 0x84B9, 0x1D76,
   26     0x84BA, 0x84BA, 0x1D54, 0x84BB, 0x84BB, 0x1D67, 0x84BC, 0x84BC, 0x1D5C,
   27     0x84BD, 0x84BD, 0x1D6F, 0x84BE, 0x84BE, 0x1D79, 0x8740, 0x875D, 0x1D83,
   28     0x875F, 0x8760, 0x1DA1, 0x8761, 0x8761, 0x1F66, 0x8762, 0x8762, 0x1DA4,
   29     0x8763, 0x8763, 0x1F68, 0x8764, 0x8764, 0x1DA6, 0x8765, 0x8765, 0x1F6A,
   30     0x8766, 0x8767, 0x1DA8, 0x8768, 0x8768, 0x1F6C, 0x8769, 0x876A, 0x1DAB,
   31     0x876B, 0x876B, 0x1F6B, 0x876C, 0x876D, 0x1DAE, 0x876E, 0x876E, 0x1F6F,
   32     0x876F, 0x8775, 0x1DB1, 0x877E, 0x877E, 0x2083, 0x8780, 0x8783, 0x1DB8,
   33     0x8784, 0x8784, 0x1F77, 0x8785, 0x878F, 0x1DBD, 0x8790, 0x8790, 0x02FA,
   34     0x8791, 0x8791, 0x02F9, 0x8792, 0x8792, 0x0301, 0x8793, 0x8799, 0x1DC8,
   35     0x879A, 0x879A, 0x0300, 0x879B, 0x879C, 0x1DCF, 0x889F, 0x88FC, 0x0465,
   36     0x8940, 0x897E, 0x04C3, 0x8980, 0x89FC, 0x0502, 0x8A40, 0x8A7E, 0x057F,
   37     0x8A80, 0x8AFC, 0x05BE, 0x8B40, 0x8B7E, 0x063B, 0x8B80, 0x8BFC, 0x067A,
   38     0x8C40, 0x8C7E, 0x06F7, 0x8C80, 0x8CFC, 0x0736, 0x8D40, 0x8D7E, 0x07B3,
   39     0x8D80, 0x8DFC, 0x07F2, 0x8E40, 0x8E7E, 0x086F, 0x8E80, 0x8EFC, 0x08AE,
   40     0x8F40, 0x8F7E, 0x092B, 0x8F80, 0x8FFC, 0x096A, 0x9040, 0x907E, 0x09E7,
   41     0x9080, 0x90FC, 0x0A26, 0x9140, 0x917E, 0x0AA3, 0x9180, 0x91FC, 0x0AE2,
   42     0x9240, 0x927E, 0x0B5F, 0x9280, 0x92FC, 0x0B9E, 0x9340, 0x937E, 0x0C1B,
   43     0x9380, 0x93FC, 0x0C5A, 0x9440, 0x947E, 0x0CD7, 0x9480, 0x94FC, 0x0D16,
   44     0x9540, 0x957E, 0x0D93, 0x9580, 0x95FC, 0x0DD2, 0x9640, 0x967E, 0x0E4F,
   45     0x9680, 0x96FC, 0x0E8E, 0x9740, 0x977E, 0x0F0B, 0x9780, 0x97FC, 0x0F4A,
   46     0x9840, 0x9872, 0x0FC7, 0x989F, 0x98FC, 0x0FFA, 0x9940, 0x997E, 0x1058,
   47     0x9980, 0x99FC, 0x1097, 0x9A40, 0x9A7E, 0x1114, 0x9A80, 0x9AFC, 0x1153,
   48     0x9B40, 0x9B7E, 0x11D0, 0x9B80, 0x9BFC, 0x120F, 0x9C40, 0x9C7E, 0x128C,
   49     0x9C80, 0x9CFC, 0x12CB, 0x9D40, 0x9D7E, 0x1348, 0x9D80, 0x9DFC, 0x1387,
   50     0x9E40, 0x9E7E, 0x1404, 0x9E80, 0x9EFC, 0x1443, 0x9F40, 0x9F7E, 0x14C0,
   51     0x9F80, 0x9FFC, 0x14FF, 0xE040, 0xE07E, 0x157C, 0xE080, 0xE0FC, 0x15BB,
   52     0xE140, 0xE17E, 0x1638, 0xE180, 0xE1FC, 0x1677, 0xE240, 0xE27E, 0x16F4,
   53     0xE280, 0xE2FC, 0x1733, 0xE340, 0xE37E, 0x17B0, 0xE380, 0xE3FC, 0x17EF,
   54     0xE440, 0xE47E, 0x186C, 0xE480, 0xE4FC, 0x18AB, 0xE540, 0xE57E, 0x1928,
   55     0xE580, 0xE5FC, 0x1967, 0xE640, 0xE67E, 0x19E4, 0xE680, 0xE6FC, 0x1A23,
   56     0xE740, 0xE77E, 0x1AA0, 0xE780, 0xE7FC, 0x1ADF, 0xE840, 0xE87E, 0x1B5C,
   57     0xE880, 0xE8FC, 0x1B9B, 0xE940, 0xE97E, 0x1C18, 0xE980, 0xE9FC, 0x1C57,
   58     0xEA40, 0xEA7E, 0x1CD4, 0xEA80, 0xEAA2, 0x1D13, 0xEAA3, 0xEAA4, 0x205C,
   59     0xED40, 0xED7E, 0x20A7, 0xED80, 0xEDB3, 0x20E6, 0xEDB4, 0xEDB4, 0x07C9,
   60     0xEDB5, 0xEDFC, 0x211A, 0xEE40, 0xEE7E, 0x2162, 0xEE80, 0xEEEC, 0x21A1,
   61     0xEEEF, 0xEEF8, 0x1F9C, 0xEEF9, 0xEEF9, 0x02EF, 0xEEFA, 0xEEFC, 0x1F45,
   62     0xFA40, 0xFA49, 0x1F9C, 0xFA4A, 0xFA53, 0x1D97, 0xFA54, 0xFA54, 0x02EF,
   63     0xFA55, 0xFA57, 0x1F45, 0xFA58, 0xFA58, 0x1DC2, 0xFA59, 0xFA59, 0x1DBA,
   64     0xFA5A, 0xFA5A, 0x1F77, 0xFA5B, 0xFA5B, 0x0300, 0xFA5C, 0xFA7E, 0x20A7,
   65     0xFA80, 0xFACF, 0x20CA, 0xFAD0, 0xFAD0, 0x07C9, 0xFAD1, 0xFAFC, 0x211A,
   66     0xFB40, 0xFB7E, 0x2146, 0xFB80, 0xFBFC, 0x2185, 0xFC40, 0xFC4B, 0x2202,
   67 };