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    1 $Id: README 6926 2016-01-06 20:18:52Z gavin $
    2 texinfo/tp/t/README
    4   Copyright 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    5   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    7   Copying and distribution of this README file, with or without
    8   modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the
    9   copyright notice and this notice are preserved.
   11 Files anywhere within the tp/t subdirectory which have no
   12 other copyright notice are hereby placed in the public domain.
   14 See also the tests in the tp/tests directory.
   17 These tests are run by "make check" under tp/.  (The test files are 
   18 listed in tp/Makefile.tres, which is a generated file.)  A single .t 
   19 test file can be run on its own with
   21   perl -w t/03coverage_braces.t
   23 Another way, which works when doing an out-of-source build, is
   25   make check TESTS=t/03coverage_braces.t
   27 Most test files use a testing infrastructure from t/test_utils.pl.
   28 The run_all function from that file runs the tests that have been 
   29 specified.
   31 In that case the reference output files for the test of a test category 
   32 $test_category.t file are in t/results/$test_category/.  For example, if 
   33 after running "make check" test-suite.log contains a line like:
   35 FAIL: t/03coverage_braces.t 324 - test_image converted html
   37 you can see the difference between the expected and actual output with
   39   diff t/results/coverage_braces/test_image.pl{,.new}
   41 (Any number at the start of the name of the test, like "03" in this
   42 example, is removed.)
   44 To review all the differences for one of the *.t test files, you can do:
   46   for f in t/results/coverage_braces/*.pl; do echo --------; echo \
   47   Differences in $f; diff $f{,.new}; done | less
   49 The reference files are regenerated with the -g option given to the .t 
   50 file, as in
   52   perl -w t/03coverage_braces.t -g
   54 To regenerate a specific test reference file, the test name should be 
   55 given as an argument.  For example, to just regenerate the reference 
   56 files for the "test_image" test within t/03.coverage_braces.t, run
   58   perl -w t/03coverage_braces.t -g test_image
   60 Some tests under this directory use input files in the 'input_files' 
   61 subdirectory.  When adding a test that uses an input file, add its path 
   62 to tp/Makefile.am.
   64 For some tests, as well as a .pl file as usual in results/*/, actual
   65 output files are generated.  For those tests, there are directories with
   66 reference test results (with names prefixed with res_), and directories
   67 with the obtained results (with names prefixed with out_).  For example,
   68 many of the tests whose results are in the 'results/indices' directory
   69 follow this format.  (The same convention is used by the test suite in
   70 ../tests.)
   72 Tests can be managed using the script in ../maintain/all_tests.sh.  For
   73 example, "./maintain/all_tests.sh generate" regenerates all of the
   74 reference test results (run from the upper-level directory), and
   75 "./maintain/all_tests.sh diff" makes a diff of all resulting files
   76 against references.
   78 From the top directory, you can also create texinfo files corresponding to
   79 tests by running something along the lines of:
   81   perl -w t/60macro.t -c
   83 to create a file for each of the tests in t/60macro.t, or for a specific
   84 test, here arg_body_expansion_order: 
   86   perl -w t/60macro.t -c arg_body_expansion_order
   88 The output files will be created with -o, in t/output_files/$test_category/
   90 When adding Perl (sub)tests under t/, also run
   91 maintain/regenerate_file_lists.pl and/or maintain/prepare_perl_module_files.sh
   92 to regenerate MANIFEST and/or maintain/MANIFEST_generated_files, or a 
   93 "plan" (aka results file) will be missing at distcheck.