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    1 $Id: README 5191 2013-02-23 00:11:18Z karl $
    2 texinfo/contrib/texifont/README
    4 Everything in this directory is public domain.
    6 The main source file is fsel.tex, tested by ftest.tex, documentation
    7 (such as it is) in texifont.txi.
    9 The story here is that Oleg Katsitadze and I (Karl Berry) collaborated
   10 in the mid-2000s on a new font system for Texinfo (and that could work
   11 with Eplain).  Oleg wrote essentially all the code, while I advised on
   12 the design, etc.
   14 The idea was to support all the widely-available free font families and
   15 widely used input encodings.  getting away from of the current
   16 hardwiring of Computer Modern in texinfo.tex.  The example at the end of
   17 documentation gives the basic flavor.  As it stands, it is not hooked
   18 into texinfo.tex or Texinfo documents at all.  That is not the hard part :).
   20 Unfortunately, it never came to fruition.  Even more unfortunately, Oleg
   21 and I can't even give any real specifics of what the "next thing" to do
   22 is, we've lost the details in the haze of time.  As I recall, the
   23 current problem was something about caching of glyphs to avoid
   24 unnecessary (and greatly excessive) switching of fonts.  In addition,
   25 "attributes" (fattr.tex) were starting to come into play.  But it all
   26 remains a work in progress.
   28 Anyway, I'm not sanguine about anyone ever doing anything with this, but
   29 just in case some super-duper TeX hacker has too much time on their
   30 hands :) and wants to pick it up, here it is.  Contact
   31 bug-texinfo@gnu.org ...