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    1 $Id: AUTHORS 6302 2015-06-03 17:48:34Z karl $
    2 Texinfo authors.
    4   Copyright 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2015
    5   Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    7   Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
    8   are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
    9   notice and this notice are preserved.
   11 Adrian Aichner		texi2html.
   12 Olaf Bachmann		texi2html.
   13 Karl Berry		all files.
   14 Per Bothner		makeinfo/xml.c, makeinfo/docbook.c updates.
   15 Torsten Bronger         texinfo.dtd.
   16 Bob Chassell		texinfo.tex, original texinfo.txi.
   17 Lionel Cons		original texi2html.
   18 Akim Demaille		texi2dvi, util/* tests.
   19 Patrice Dumas		texi2html, texi2html.texi, texinfo.txi, tp author.
   20 Alper Ersoy		makeinfo: enhancements in all files, especially
   21                           html-, xml-, and docbook-related.
   22 Brian Fox		all makeinfo/* and info/* files, info-stnd.texi.
   23 Noah Friedman		original texi2dvi.
   24 Oleg Katsitadze		doc/*
   25 Dave Love		original makeinfo/html.[ch].
   26 Karl Heinz Marbaise	original makeinfo language support, most files,
   27 			  texi2html manual.
   28 Philippe Martin		original makeinfo xml/docbook output.
   29 Sergey Poznyakoff	all files.
   30 Derek Price		texi2html.
   31 Arnold Robbins		literate (texi+awk) texindex.
   32 Paul Rubin		original makeinfo/multi.c.
   33 Andreas Schwab		texinfo.tex, configure.ac, most makeinfo files.
   34 Gavin Smith		all files.
   35 Richard Stallman	original texinfo.tex, install-info.c,
   36 			texindex.c, texinfo.txi.
   37 Zack Weinberg		texinfo.tex: @macro implementation.
   38 Ralf Wildenhues		util/gendocs.sh, makeinfo/tests/*,
   39 			makeinfo/html.c, makeinfo/cmds.c, makeinfo/footnote.c,
   40 			doc/texinfo.txi,
   41 			Makefile.am, configure.ac.
   42 Eli Zaretskii		all files.
   44 See http://translationproject.org/team/index.html for the
   45 translation teams for a given language LL.  Additional info for
   46 original texi2html translations:
   47 fr:    Patrice Dumas and Jean-Charles Malahieude
   48 de:    Reinhold Kainhofer
   49 pt_BR,
   50 pt:    Jorge Barros de Abreu
   51 ja:    Found in Fedora. Don't know the author.
   52 es:    Francisco Vila
   53 it:    Federico Bruni
   54 hu:    Dénes Harmath
   56 Images in the images directory come from the Singular project:
   57 http://www.singular.uni-kl.de/
   59 Many files included in the Texinfo distribution are copied from other
   60 locations, no author information is given for those.  See util/srclist*.