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Tesseract  3.02
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mfx.h File Reference
#include "params.h"

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CHAR_FEATURES BlobMicroFeatures (TBLOB *Blob, const DENORM &denorm)


double classify_min_slope = 0.414213562
double classify_max_slope = 2.414213562

Function Documentation

CHAR_FEATURES BlobMicroFeatures ( TBLOB Blob,
const DENORM denorm 

Public Function Prototypes —————————————————————————-

Public Code —————————————————————————-

Definition at line 62 of file mfx.cpp.

** Parameters:
** Blob blob to extract micro-features from
** denorm control parameter to feature extractor
** Operation:
** This routine extracts micro-features from the specified
** blob and returns a list of the micro-features. All
** micro-features are normalized according to the specified
** line statistics.
** Return: List of micro-features extracted from the blob.
** Exceptions: none
** History: 7/21/89, DSJ, Created.
FLOAT32 XScale, YScale;
LIST Outlines;
LIST RemainingOutlines;
if (Blob != NULL) {
Outlines = ConvertBlob (Blob);
if (!ExtractIntFeat(Blob, denorm, blfeatures, cnfeatures, &results))
return NULL;
XScale = 0.2f / results.Ry;
YScale = 0.2f / results.Rx;
RemainingOutlines = Outlines;
iterate(RemainingOutlines) {
Outline = (MFOUTLINE) first_node (RemainingOutlines);
results.Xmean, results.Ymean,
XScale, YScale);
RemainingOutlines = Outlines;
iterate(RemainingOutlines) {
Outline = (MFOUTLINE) first_node (RemainingOutlines);
MicroFeatures = ConvertToMicroFeatures (Outline, MicroFeatures);
return ((CHAR_FEATURES) MicroFeatures);
} /* BlobMicroFeatures */

Variable Documentation

double classify_max_slope = 2.414213562

"Slope above which lines are called vertical"

Definition at line 39 of file mfx.cpp.

double classify_min_slope = 0.414213562

Include Files and Type Defines —————————————————————————- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Variables —————————————————————————- "Slope below which lines are called horizontal"

Definition at line 37 of file mfx.cpp.