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Tesseract  3.02
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tesseract::WordSizeModel Member List

This is the complete list of members for tesseract::WordSizeModel, including all inherited members.

Cost(CharSamp **samp_array, int samp_cnt) const tesseract::WordSizeModel
Create(const string &data_file_path, const string &lang, CharSet *char_set, bool contextual)tesseract::WordSizeModelstatic
FontCount() const tesseract::WordSizeModelinline
FontInfo() const tesseract::WordSizeModelinline
PairCost(int width_0, int height_0, int top_0, int width_1, int height_1, int top_1, const PairSizeInfo &pair_info)tesseract::WordSizeModelstatic
Save(string file_name)tesseract::WordSizeModel
SizeCode(int cls_id, int start, int end)tesseract::WordSizeModelinlinestatic
WordSizeModel(CharSet *, bool contextual)tesseract::WordSizeModel