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Tesseract  3.02
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tesseract::AlignedBlob Class Reference

#include <alignedblob.h>

Inheritance diagram for tesseract::AlignedBlob:
tesseract::BlobGrid tesseract::BBGrid< BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT > tesseract::GridBase tesseract::TabFind tesseract::ColumnFinder

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Public Member Functions

 AlignedBlob (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~AlignedBlob ()
ScrollViewDisplayTabs (const char *window_name, ScrollView *tab_win)
TabVectorFindVerticalAlignment (AlignedBlobParams align_params, BLOBNBOX *bbox, int *vertical_x, int *vertical_y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tesseract::BlobGrid
 BlobGrid (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~BlobGrid ()
void InsertBlobList (BLOBNBOX_LIST *blobs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tesseract::BBGrid< BLOBNBOX, BLOBNBOX_CLIST, BLOBNBOX_C_IT >
 BBGrid ()
 BBGrid (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~BBGrid ()
void Init (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
void Clear ()
void ClearGridData (void(*free_method)(BLOBNBOX *))
void InsertBBox (bool h_spread, bool v_spread, BLOBNBOX *bbox)
void InsertPixPtBBox (int left, int bottom, Pix *pix, BLOBNBOX *bbox)
void RemoveBBox (BLOBNBOX *bbox)
bool RectangleEmpty (const TBOX &rect)
IntGridCountCellElements ()
ScrollViewMakeWindow (int x, int y, const char *window_name)
void DisplayBoxes (ScrollView *window)
void AssertNoDuplicates ()
virtual void HandleClick (int x, int y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tesseract::GridBase
 GridBase ()
 GridBase (int gridsize, const ICOORD &bleft, const ICOORD &tright)
virtual ~GridBase ()
int gridsize () const
int gridwidth () const
int gridheight () const
const ICOORDbleft () const
const ICOORDtright () const
void GridCoords (int x, int y, int *grid_x, int *grid_y) const
void ClipGridCoords (int *x, int *y) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool WithinTestRegion (int detail_level, int x, int y)
static void IncrementDebugPix ()
static const STRINGtextord_debug_pix ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 83 of file alignedblob.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tesseract::AlignedBlob::AlignedBlob ( int  gridsize,
const ICOORD bleft,
const ICOORD tright 

Definition at line 164 of file alignedblob.cpp.

: BlobGrid(gridsize, bleft, tright) {
tesseract::AlignedBlob::~AlignedBlob ( )

Definition at line 169 of file alignedblob.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

ScrollView * tesseract::AlignedBlob::DisplayTabs ( const char *  window_name,
ScrollView tab_win 

Definition at line 182 of file alignedblob.cpp.

if (tab_win == NULL)
tab_win = MakeWindow(0, 50, window_name);
// For every tab in the grid, display it.
while ((bbox = gsearch.NextFullSearch()) != NULL) {
TBOX box = bbox->bounding_box();
int left_x = box.left();
int right_x = box.right();
int top_y = box.top();
int bottom_y = box.bottom();
TabType tabtype = bbox->left_tab_type();
if (tabtype != TT_NONE) {
if (tabtype == TT_MAYBE_ALIGNED)
else if (tabtype == TT_MAYBE_RAGGED)
else if (tabtype == TT_CONFIRMED)
tab_win->Line(left_x, top_y, left_x, bottom_y);
tabtype = bbox->right_tab_type();
if (tabtype != TT_NONE) {
if (tabtype == TT_MAYBE_ALIGNED)
else if (tabtype == TT_MAYBE_RAGGED)
else if (tabtype == TT_CONFIRMED)
tab_win->Line(right_x, top_y, right_x, bottom_y);
return tab_win;
TabVector * tesseract::AlignedBlob::FindVerticalAlignment ( AlignedBlobParams  align_params,
int *  vertical_x,
int *  vertical_y 

Definition at line 244 of file alignedblob.cpp.

int ext_start_y, ext_end_y;
BLOBNBOX_CLIST good_points;
// Search up and then down from the starting bbox.
TBOX box = bbox->bounding_box();
bool debug = WithinTestRegion(2, box.left(), box.bottom());
int pt_count = AlignTabs(align_params, false, bbox, &good_points, &ext_end_y);
pt_count += AlignTabs(align_params, true, bbox, &good_points, &ext_start_y);
BLOBNBOX_C_IT it(&good_points);
box = it.data()->bounding_box();
int end_y = box.top();
int end_x = align_params.right_tab ? box.right() : box.left();
box = it.data()->bounding_box();
int start_x = align_params.right_tab ? box.right() : box.left();
int start_y = box.bottom();
// Acceptable tab vectors must have a mininum number of points,
// have a minimum acceptable length, and have a minimum gradient.
// The gradient corresponds to the skew angle.
// Ragged tabs don't need to satisfy the gradient condition, as they
// will always end up parallel to the vertical direction.
bool at_least_2_crossings = AtLeast2LineCrossings(&good_points);
if ((pt_count >= align_params.min_points &&
end_y - start_y >= align_params.min_length &&
(align_params.ragged ||
end_y - start_y >= abs(end_x - start_x) * kMinTabGradient)) ||
at_least_2_crossings) {
int confirmed_points = 0;
// Count existing confirmed points to see if vector is acceptable.
for (it.mark_cycle_pt(); !it.cycled_list(); it.forward()) {
bbox = it.data();
if (align_params.right_tab) {
if (bbox->right_tab_type() == align_params.confirmed_type)
} else {
if (bbox->left_tab_type() == align_params.confirmed_type)
// Ragged vectors are not allowed to use too many already used points.
if (!align_params.ragged ||
confirmed_points + confirmed_points < pt_count) {
const TBOX& box = bbox->bounding_box();
if (debug) {
tprintf("Confirming tab vector of %d pts starting at %d,%d\n",
pt_count, box.left(), box.bottom());
// Flag all the aligned neighbours as confirmed .
for (it.mark_cycle_pt(); !it.cycled_list(); it.forward()) {
bbox = it.data();
if (align_params.right_tab) {
} else {
if (debug) {
// Now make the vector and return it.
TabVector* result = TabVector::FitVector(align_params.alignment,
ext_start_y, ext_end_y,
vertical_x, vertical_y);
if (debug) {
tprintf("Box was %d, %d\n", box.left(), box.bottom());
result->Print("After fitting");
return result;
} else if (debug) {
tprintf("Ragged tab used too many used points: %d out of %d\n",
confirmed_points, pt_count);
} else if (debug) {
tprintf("Tab vector failed basic tests: pt count %d vs min %d, "
"length %d vs min %d, min grad %g\n",
pt_count, align_params.min_points, end_y - start_y,
align_params.min_length, abs(end_x - start_x) * kMinTabGradient);
return NULL;
void tesseract::AlignedBlob::IncrementDebugPix ( )

Definition at line 78 of file alignedblob.cpp.

textord_debug_pix_ = kTextordDebugPix;
char numbuf[32];
snprintf(numbuf, sizeof(numbuf), "%d", debug_pix_index_);
textord_debug_pix_ += numbuf;
textord_debug_pix_ += ".pix";
static const STRING& tesseract::AlignedBlob::textord_debug_pix ( )

Definition at line 112 of file alignedblob.h.

return textord_debug_pix_;
bool tesseract::AlignedBlob::WithinTestRegion ( int  detail_level,
int  x,
int  y 

Definition at line 174 of file alignedblob.cpp.

if (textord_debug_tabfind < detail_level)
return false;
y <= textord_testregion_top && y >= textord_testregion_bottom;

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