Tesseract  3.02
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STRING Member List

This is the complete list of members for STRING, including all inherited members.

add_str_int(const char *str, int number)STRING
assign(const char *cstr, int len)STRING
contains(const char c) const STRING
DeSerialize(bool swap, FILE *fp)STRING
ensure(inT32 min_capacity)STRINGinline
length() const STRING
operator!=(const STRING &string) const STRING
operator!=(const char *string) const STRING
operator+(const STRING &string) const STRING
operator+(const char ch) const STRING
operator+=(const char *string)STRING
operator+=(const STRING &string)STRING
operator+=(const char ch)STRING
operator=(const char *string)STRING
operator=(const STRING &string)STRING
operator==(const STRING &string) const STRING
operator[](inT32 index) const STRING
Serialize(FILE *fp) const STRING
size() const STRINGinline
split(const char c, GenericVector< STRING > *splited)STRING
strdup() const STRINGinline
STRING(const char *string)STRING
string() const STRING
truncate_at(inT32 index)STRING