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    1 Major changes in release 1.3.1:
    3 Termcap data file updated.
    4 Bug fixes and portability changes.
    6 Major changes in release 1.3:
    8 Termcap data file is now included in distribution and may optionally
    9   be installed, or used in a non-default location.
   10 Support for a fake internal terminal (no external files).
   11 Higher tty speeds supported.
   12 Portability tweaks.
   14 Major changes in release 1.2:
   16 For `%.', only set the high bit on NUL.
   17 Fix a file descriptor and memory leak.
   18 Add const in termcap.h prototypes.
   19 Configuration improvements.
   21 Major changes in release 1.1:
   23 Fix portability problems.
   24 Improve configuration and installation.
   25 Fix compiler warnings.