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Thank you for submitting a TensorFlow documentation issue. Per our GitHub policy, we only address code/doc bugs, performance issues, feature requests, and build/installation issues on GitHub.

The TensorFlow docs are open source! To get involved, read the documentation contributor guide: https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute/docs

URL(s) with the issue:

Please provide a link to the documentation entry, for example: https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/r2.0/api_docs/python/tf/

Description of issue (what needs changing):

Clear description

For example, why should someone use this method? How is it useful?

Is the link to the source code correct?

Parameters defined

Are all parameters defined and formatted correctly?

Returns defined

Are return values defined?

Raises listed and defined

Are the errors defined? For example, https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/r2.0/api_docs/python/tf/feature_column/categorical_column_with_vocabulary_file#raises

Usage example

Is there a usage example?

See the API guide: https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute/docs_ref on how to write testable usage examples.

Request visuals, if applicable

Are there currently visuals? If not, will it clarify the content?

Submit a pull request?

Are you planning to also submit a pull request to fix the issue? See the docs contributor guide: https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute/docs, docs API guide: https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute/docs_ref and the docs style guide: https://www.tensorflow.org/community/contribute/docs_style