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    1 The new build system uses CMake (http://www.cmake.org). It handles
    2 all platform differences.
    4 See the README for required third-party libraries.
    6 The documentation can only be built if you have latex2html (version
    7 2008), pdflatex and lyx installed. If you don't, turn off the
    8 ENABLE_HELP option (using the ccmake command or any other CMake
    9 frontend).
   11 Note that the GUI version definitely needs FLTK-1.3, so you may need
   12 to download and build an SVN snapshot. SVN r7704 was used for development.
   13 You MUST use CMake to configure FLTK, not "./configure". You don't need
   14 to install it, as FLTK is so small that statically linking it (the default)
   15 is safe. If you don't install FLTK, set the path to your FLTK directory
   16  using ccmake.
   18 For the console version you will have to make sure your system
   19 offers a SYSV compatible curses.  You can check that you do by looking
   20 at its include file curses.h; it should e.g. contain KEY_ macros.  If you
   21 have a system which contains BSD and SYSV curses libraries, make sure (by
   22 checking the cmake variables) that the SYSV curses.h is used.  This
   23 particularly applies if you use the SYSV curses clone ncurses.  If you do
   24 so, further make sure that you use version 4 or higher.  Otherwise teapot
   25 may not work correctly and you get corrupted screen output.  Since version
   26 4 makes it easy to be built as shared (ELF) library, this can reduce the
   27 size of the teapot binary considerably.
   29 If you want the curses frontend to be fully UTF-8 aware, you need
   30 libncursesw (Debian package name: libncursesw5-dev).