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    1 # Number of days of inactivity before a closed issue or pull request is locked
    2 daysUntilLock: 45
    4 # Skip issues and pull requests created before a given timestamp. Timestamp must
    5 # follow ISO 8601 (`YYYY-MM-DD`). Set to `false` to disable
    6 skipCreatedBefore: false
    8 # Issues and pull requests with these labels will be ignored. Set to `[]` to disable
    9 exemptLabels: []
   11 # Label to add before locking, such as `outdated`. Set to `false` to disable
   12 lockLabel: false
   14 # Comment to post before locking. Set to `false` to disable
   15 lockComment: >
   16   This thread has been automatically locked since there has not been
   17   any recent activity after it was closed. Please open a new issue for
   18   related bugs.
   20 # Assign `resolved` as the reason for locking. Set to `false` to disable
   21 setLockReason: true