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    2 Contributions from:
    4 1. Heather Downs <heather@netlens.com> for the "set -f -l" flags
    5 2. Spencer White <spencer@nexthost.com> for "if root" condition 
    6 3. Carlos Duarte <cgd@teleweb.pt> for his huge list of DOT files
    7 4. Amine Chelghaf <chelghaf@yahoo.fr> for his submission of a draft 
    8 tcshrc manual and enabling me to produce a draft DocBook version of it.
    9 5. Peter Solodov <solodov@bigfoot.com> for pointing out the "set helpcommand" bug.
   10 6. Kaspar <kaspar@lifosa.com> for mentioning the "complete=enhance" setting.
   11 7. Miklos Quartus <miklos.quartus@nokia.com>, bug in tcshrc.complete, 'make'.
   12 8. Hunter Eidson (eeidson) (SF.net patch), adjust the title bar of the terminal window. 
   13 9. scott <stock@fishcracker.com>, for FreeBSD bindkey values.
   14 10. Martin Bock, for precmd e-mail.